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Diana Nixon Author Of All My Nevers (Saint No More Book 1)
By Diana Nixon

Who am I?

First of all, I’m an incurable addict to dark romance novels. Why stories for teens specifically? Well, I’m a mom of two girls and I never stop thinking about their future, including their high school years that are always filled with worries, problems, and self-judging issues. Teens are always vulnerable and it’s important to teach them how to overcome their problems and show them why it’s important to rely on their families and be there for their friends when they need them. As well as to help them realize that material things are not the only values in life to hold on to. 

I wrote...

All My Nevers (Saint No More Book 1)

By Diana Nixon,

Book cover of All My Nevers (Saint No More Book 1)

What is my book about?

Three years ago, leaving San Fernando felt like the best way out of the mess I was neck-deep in. An addict to all things forbidden, I betrayed everyone I loved and watched my little sister pay for my sins with her life. An escape felt like a blessing, so I ran away and left the ashes of my past drift behind me. This is why returning to my hometown was never on the menu. Nor was falling in love with my childhood friend whose heart had been irreparably broken by yours truly. But my father’s death turned out to be a twist I wasn’t expecting, and I had no choice but to come back home, face my demons, and head the family and what was left of my father’s business.

The books I picked & why

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Playing with Fire

By L.J. Shen,

Book cover of Playing with Fire

Why this book?

A well-thought-out story about the importance of true values, such as friendship and family. It shows just how little youth nowadays care about non-material things and how much attention they pay to outer beauty and perfections. The story teaches you to look deeper and never judge anyone by their appearance. 

Broken Knight

By L.J. Shen,

Book cover of Broken Knight

Why this book?

A fantastic story about love at a young age that reveals so many aspects of life teens are fighting for when away from home, the scars they hide from their parents, and the pain they try to heal with forbidden addictions. I highly recommend this book not just for teens but also for their parents who sometimes seem to fail to right key to their children's hearts and minds. Because despite everything the youth go against when growing up, they still need to know that the main strength of their life is their family. 

Revenge: A Dark High School Romance

By J.L. Weil,

Book cover of Revenge: A Dark High School Romance

Why this book?

A beautifully-written bully romance that uncovers the ugly side of high school life, the problems teens face on a daily basis and the troubles they get into. Teens who call themselves the elite know no boundaries in getting what they want. They are too young to foresee the terrible aftermath of their actions and it can scary at times. Again, we return to the values that kids should start cherishing at a young age, so that in the future they could be more responsible for their actions and words. 

Broken Pretty Things: A High School Bully Romance

By Amber Faye,

Book cover of Broken Pretty Things: A High School Bully Romance

Why this book?

The book reveals all the shades of hate and love, all wrapped in one package. Devious and manipulative, people start to neglect your personality and dig out your weakest sides. Not just objects can be broken, but people as well. As this book shows just how easily it happens, especially at a tender age when everything seems on edge and it’s hard to see the colors between black and white. 

Heartless: A High School Bully Romance (The Privileged of Pembroke High)

By Ivy Fox,

Book cover of Heartless: A High School Bully Romance (The Privileged of Pembroke High)

Why this book?

You will either love or hate the leading characters, but they won’t leave you disappointed! This is a kind of a story that pulls out all of your emotions, twisting and turning them into what the author wants you to feel. A great roller-coaster read that will give you chills! It’s one of those stories that might become your bookish addiction that you’ll want to read many times, despite everything that you might despise this story. 

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