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Who am I?

I love second-chance romances and I am not in my twenties anymore; so I wrote what I wanted to read. Now, I've found other authors who write 35+, characters who have lived, been hurt, and moved on in life. I do read New Adult or younger than 35 characters and often, really smutty, erotic books as I need to get out of my head sometimes. I love Nora Roberts, Claudia Burgoa, Catharina Maura, Jolie Vines and I'll one-click quite a few indies.

I wrote...


By Louise Murchie, Auras Dark Designs (illustrator),

Book cover of Dìonadair

What is my book about?

Dìonadair is the first of a romantic suspense, second chance duology telling the tale of two military-based friends that find love later in life. Having survived square bashing, the two women meet at Officers' training. Becoming firm friends, the two new military police officers form a friendship for life—Blythe Grievson and Annie Holmes are as different as they are similar.

The need to be loved in more than one way at the same time is something Blythe thinks she'll never find. Rekindling a one-night stand brings her within reach of two very different brothers. When their company comes under regular attack, Blythe slowly starts putting the disjointed pieces together. Can she save her lovers and their company?

The books I picked & why

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Hard Nox

By Jolie Vines,

Book cover of Hard Nox

Why this book?

Hard Nox is set in Scotland and is brilliantly written. It's the start of series two and I fell in love with the world that Jolie had built. I did put this book down a few chapters in to find the first book of the first series. I wanted to read them in order and I'm so glad I did. It was hard at the time to find books showing the Scots dialect and Jolie does it well. So much so, I'm one of her ARC readers and I have started collecting the paperback copies. This is my favourite of all her books.

Escape Beyond the Tide

By N Dune,

Book cover of Escape Beyond the Tide

Why this book?

This book is set in Cornwall, Nat's favourite county. She builds up such a strong world that's realistic. The characters deal with life, angst, fright, flight, and situations that are just horrible and real. This is the first of a three-part series and I devoured it all. Now, I want to visit that town (wish it were real) and just sit on that coastal path.

Kiss of Pride: A Deadly Angels Book

By Sandra Hill,

Book cover of Kiss of Pride: A Deadly Angels Book

Why this book?

I love fantasy books; the escapism is unbelievable and I love the way Sandra can bring the smut, the love, Arch-angels, vikings, immortality, and Satan into a series. I could not order these quickly enough and it was because I can't hold more physical copies that I picked up Kindle Unlimited. And realised just how many brilliant Indie Authors there are and I was hooked.

The Blackstone Dragon Heir: Blackstone Mountain Book 1

By Alicia Montgomery,

Book cover of The Blackstone Dragon Heir: Blackstone Mountain Book 1

Why this book?

This is another series: The Blackstone Dragon series. I've loved Dragons since: forever! If you enter my house, you'll see just how much I love them (I have statues all over, including in the bedroom!) so this series, was a given. There are many others written by Alicia and I have a few books of hers waiting to be enjoyed. 

Broken Trust

By Brooke Burton,

Book cover of Broken Trust

Why this book?

It starts with Broken Trust, but Brooke writes such realistic characters and situations, you forget it's fiction. She writes Sweet with Heat, a genre that's not too smutty but certainly isn't afraid to mention the sex. It's been great working with her and reading her work and I wonder just what situation she's dreamt up for the brothers this time!

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