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Who am I?

I’ve always had a soft spot for pirates. The romanticized version, of course. They epitomize everything I want in a story: adventure, romance, humor, drama, and danger.  As for my life story, I’ve traveled around the world (22 countries in 3 months), am married (got it right the second time), find something to laugh at every day (myself, usually), have a five-year-old (plenty of drama), and the most danger I’ve ever been in was climbing into the bed of a pick-up truck to avoid a grizzly bear and her cub at 3:00 A.M. in Alaska.  

I wrote...

Tales of Tibercon: The Princess and the Pirate

By Monica Hahn,

Book cover of Tales of Tibercon: The Princess and the Pirate

What is my book about?

Mikel spent his childhood dreaming of becoming a pirate. Unfortunately, he was born a prince instead - but he wouldn’t let that stop him. Fueled by his aunt’s stories of adventures and a distaste for his grandfather’s disciplinary tactics, Mikel ran away. Through hard work and persistence, he was able to eventually join the crew of Tarik the Terror, and he thought he had everything that he’d ever wanted. That is, until he meets a girl, but to love her he’s going to need to confront the most dangerous thing of all – his past. Confronting the secrets and lies he’s been surrounded with his whole life results in some surprising discoveries, that will change the course of his kingdom forever.

The books I picked & why

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Daughter of the Pirate King

By Tricia Levenseller,

Book cover of Daughter of the Pirate King

Why this book?

Alosa is a woman on a mission, one she’s determined to complete at all costs to prove herself to her father. The greatest obstacle in her way is Riden, the first mate of the pirate ship she is held “captive” on.  He is a more formidable adversary than she had first thought, although adversarial doesn’t always describe their relationship. I loved the complexity of the characters and all of the plot twists.  

Pieces of Jade: Pirates of Orea Book 1

By Lani Woodland, Melonie Bush,

Book cover of Pieces of Jade: Pirates of Orea Book 1

Why this book?

Jade is born special, and she is prepared to continue on her dutiful path – marrying someone she fears and distrusts, giving of her very blood to nourish her kingdom, and never questioning why her sacrifice is necessary. Until the day before her wedding, when an unauthorized encounter with a pirate ship changes everything. William is a pirate with secrets, honor, and unexpected chivalry. Jade grows closer to him as she grows closer to the horrifying truth about her existence. It’s impossible not to get drawn into Jade’s world, and the moral ambiguity of it all.

The Linden Legacy

By Kenley Davidson,

Book cover of The Linden Legacy

Why this book?

This book combines all of the fun of old-time pirates with a futuristic twist. Callista is finally ready to throw away her cover as a party girl in order to take over her family’s corporation, but then she meets Killian, and her plans are in serious jeopardy. Killian needs to put aside being an alien space pirate long enough to try and help Callista save what’s left of humanity from an intergalactic threat. This is just high-octane fun and who doesn’t love space pirates?  


By Georgette Heyer,

Book cover of Beauvallet

Why this book?

The Golden Age of England is brought alive through the adventures of Sir Nicholas Beauvallet. When attacked by a Spanish ship which Nicholas then boards, he finds an unexpected treasure in the form of Dona Dominica, a noblewoman traveling back to Spain with her ailing father. Once Dominica accuses him of hastening her father’s demise, Nicolas promises to deliver her safely back to the shores of Spain – something only a madman (or a man in love) would dare. I’m absolutely a huge fan of Georgette Heyer, and this is the book that made me appreciate pirates.      

Mad Kestrel

By Misty Massey,

Book cover of Mad Kestrel

Why this book?

In a world where having any powers could get you exploited or killed, Kestrel has managed to successfully hide her magical abilities and find a pirate captain willing to take her on as part of his crew. When the captain is taken, though, Kestrel vows to repay his mentorship by rescuing him, and to do that she needs McAvery as a bargaining chip. Even when McAvery isn’t stealing ships, he’s annoying. Kestrel doesn’t trust him, and needing his help was never part of her plan.  

A fast-paced, enjoyable read.

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