The best books with great hunks for heroes

Bobbi Smith Author Of The Lady & the Texan
By Bobbi Smith

Who am I?

I love romances because the stories always end happily, and also because of the heroes! They are my ideal men—handsome, of course, but always strong and honorable. They always do the right thing, even if it requires hardship and sacrifice, and at the end of the story, when they pledge their love to the heroine, we know that love will be forever. I sold my first book back in 1982, and in every one of my stories I feature this kind of hero.

I wrote...

The Lady & the Texan

By Bobbi Smith,

Book cover of The Lady & the Texan

What is my book about?

Among all the books I’ve written, this is one of my favorites because of my hero. After a deadly run-in with the infamous outlaw El Diablo, Jack Logan left the Texas Rangers, no longer able to trust his instincts—or any woman. He knew Dan Taylor’s daughter was trouble, and yet her defiant spirit only spurred his hunger for her. Jack discovered that keeping the dark-haired tigress at bay was a lot harder than outsmarting the outlaws after him—and surrendering to the sweet fury in her arms was a lot riskier.

The Books I Picked & Why

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One Perfect Rose

By Mary Jo Putney,

Book cover of One Perfect Rose

Why this book?

I love stories where the heroes are facing great challenges. In One Perfect Rose, as the story begins, Stephen Kenyon, Duke of Ashburton, has just learned from his doctor that he has only a short time left to live. Shocked, he runs from his wealthy world and wanders the country as an ordinary man. When he rescues a young boy who had been swept away by a flood, he is embraced by the boy’s family and finds all that he had been missing in his life—the warmth of a family and our heroine, Rosalind. His hidden past and his knowledge of his impending death made this a page-turner for me.

Jackson Rule

By Sharon Sala aka Dinah McCall,

Book cover of Jackson Rule

Why this book?

As the story begins, Jackson Rule is being released from prison after serving fifteen years for a crime he confessed to. Since he’s our hero, I knew right then he had to be innocent, and I was hooked. Who was he protecting?  He gets hired by a preacher’s daughter, Rebecca, who has misgivings about hiring him. He proves himself to be a hard worker, and Rebecca also discovers that there’s something exciting about him that she can’t resist.


By Suzanne Brockmann,

Book cover of Identity: Unknown (Tall, Dark & Dangerous, Book 8)

Why this book?

The hero Mitchell Shaw is a Navy SEAL, but as the story begins, he wakes up in a homeless shelter with amnesia. He does have a gun in his boot and money, too, but no clue how he got there. He finds a note that says “Looking forward to meeting you.”—Rebecca Keyes, the Lazy Eight Ranch. He heads for the ranch, hoping it will help him figure out who he really is. What a great hero!


By Julie Garwood,

Book cover of Heartbreaker

Why this book?

I got soooo hooked on Julie’s contemporary suspense books. In Heartbreaker, as the story opens, we learn our hero agent Nick Buchanan has just saved a young boy’s life by taking out a serial killer who held him captive. Nick then gets to take some time off for a vacation, and as he’s on the plane waiting to depart, he stops an armed man from trying to free a prisoner another lawman has on the plane. He is definitely the white knight showing up at just the right time. When he meets up with his best friend, he learns a serial killer is after his friend’s sister. I couldn’t wait to see how he was going to protect the heroine, Laurant, from the psychopath and bring him in. This is my kind of hero—courageous, up for anything, never afraid to put his life in danger to right a wrong.

The Duke and I

By Julia Quinn,

Book cover of The Duke and I: Bridgerton

Why this book?

I am so glad this book is such a success. I fell in love with the hero right away, when as a child he had trouble speaking and his father rejected him. He grows into a hard man until he meets Daphne Bridgerton and then the story takes off. What fun!