The best books in which lone females overcome evil opponents to save the world

Paul Camster Author Of Apocalypse, Third Edition
By Paul Camster

Who am I?

As Rebecca Roberts in Apocalypse was an ancestor whose achievements have been largely ignored-maybe because of gender-it seemed to be time to redress the balance. A female author may have done the job better, but none stepped forward at the time and Hollywood screenwriter K.Lewis was keen to write a screenplay, requiring a concept screenplay outline as a guide. It was that which later became the 1st Edition of Apocalypse.

I wrote...

Apocalypse, Third Edition

By Paul Camster,

Book cover of Apocalypse, Third Edition

What is my book about?

Based on real events-Rebecca Roberts (aka Becca the Vampyre Slayer) takes on the section of Prince Rupert`s army known as The Vampyre Legion, which is sent to capture the west coast so that its commander-Lord Capel-can land a huge army and conquer all before him. On the way, Becca undergoes multiple attempts on her life.

The books I picked & why

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The Life of Anna Kingsford V1

By Edward Maitland,

Book cover of The Life of Anna Kingsford V1

Why this book?

This book deals with the life of probably the most intelligent person on the planet at the time-not a fanciful idea as she had the highest pass rate in all of her exams to be the first woman (medical) doctor there has ever been. Her best friend and lifelong supporter was Lady Caithness-direct descendant of Catriona of Caithness who features in my book.

Red Cactus: The Life of Anna Kingsford Paperback

By Alan Pert,

Book cover of Red Cactus: The Life of Anna Kingsford Paperback

Why this book?

Basically a biography of Anna Kingsford for those who don't like Edward Maitland's. The latter was accused (justly or unjustly) of destroying evidence about Anna—especially about her early life and over-dramatising the occult incidents in her life. This newer biography corrects some of these drawbacks of the earlier version and is more in tune with modern sensibilities.

The Complete Poems of Emily Jane Brontë

By Emily Jane Brontë,

Book cover of The Complete Poems of Emily Jane Brontë

Why this book?

As well as being the best Gothic style verses in the English language with the possible exception of some by Edgar Allan Poe-there are some way ahead of their time. "If Earth & Moon were gone" prefigures Mach's Principle, which was only formulated 4 decades after EJB thought of it. Anyone lucky enough to find an edition with EJB's Essays she wrote in Brussels will have a copy of her formulation of Evolutionary theory 2 decades before Mr. Darwin claimed it as his own.

Saint Joan

By Bernard Shaw,

Book cover of Saint Joan

Why this book?

Although written as a play, it has a foreword detailing its subject—the life of Joan of Arc. Joan was the inspiration and much-admired heroine of Rebecca Roberts in my own book. Based closely on the Inquisition records, it has very moving moments, whether read or performed as a play.

The Lark

By Jean Anouilh, Lillian Hellman,

Book cover of The Lark

Why this book?

A different aspect of the life of Joan of Arc.

The translations are by Christopher Fry-who wrote The Brontes of Haworth, the YorkshireTV series featuring Emily Bronte`s life, and Lillian Hellman. The latter version of The Lark is a reminder that she features in the Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave movie Julia—set in the troubled period before WW2 when both Julia in the film and a main character in my book face the bad side of Fascism.

Her radical view of religion and belief that a seemingly invincible foe could be beaten was important in convincing the—mainly female followers of Rebecca Roberts in my book that they had a chance against overwhelming odds.

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