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Who am I?

I especially love reading fantasy stories and stories based on actual historical events. I've been an avid reader since I was a little girl; while my siblings were playing outside or inside with toys I was the one sat curled up in the corner reading. I've also worked hard and gained qualifications in creative writing. I've also had a passion for writing and have written my own fantasy novels; being an author is simply amazing because you can create characters that are unique and special as well as true to life, plus you get to create worlds that are entirely different to our own. 

I wrote...

The Realm of Witches

By Laurie Bowler,

Book cover of The Realm of Witches

What is my book about?

Seraphina is a low-level worker for The Agency, an organisation of witches that controls the world of the supernatural. Growing up an orphan with normal human parents, she knows she is different and is drawn to the Realm of Witches Agency. As the dangers deepen and the truth behind Seraphina's past is revealed, it becomes clear that the world's fate is at stake and that Seraphina may be the only one to prevent the world's destruction. But at what cost?

An epic novel by Laurie Bowler of betrayal, romance and worlds that will make you forget reality.

The books I picked & why

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The Goblin’s Bride

By Leigh Kelsey, Lysandra Glass,

Book cover of The Goblin’s Bride

Why this book?

I loved this book because it is both captivating and well written with different worlds and forbidden romance. This story is based not only on enemies who become lovers but also has sizzling tension and an epic dark mystery element, all beautifully written and combined. 

This book immediately pulled me into the author's world. The tension inside was just as unique as the storyline itself. There is nothing quite like reading a book that has you on the edge of your seat but melting your heart at the same time; definitely, a surprising and unique twist combining many elements.

The Workhouse Waif

By Lynette Rees,

Book cover of The Workhouse Waif

Why this book?

This book of the historical workhouse days makes you think and value everything we have today. The tale is heartwrenching and portrays the struggles people faced all those years ago and the treatment they received if they ended up in the workhouse. At times this storyline made me cry, but no matter what the characters faced or what life threw at them, they still fought back and didn't give up. This is a descriptive storyline showing the clear divide between the rich and the poor and the way the sometimes cruel treatment of the poor. 

The descriptions of the workhouse personally made me value not only my family and those around me but everything that I own because historically, people didn't have anything really; in comparison, we are genuinely spoilt with everything we have today and the way our country has reformed, not to mention the assistance available which wasn't available back then.

Dora's Workhouse Child

By Dolly Price,

Book cover of Dora's Workhouse Child

Why this book?

This story is based on the Blackwell Union Workhouse, where we discover their hidden secrets regarding the intention to swap two innocent children. While one of them lives with a wealthy family, the other is forced into a life of poverty. Again, this storyline is heartwrenching with the descriptive storyline of historical workhouses and the treatment of those who ended up living there. It makes you stop and validate, appreciate and love everything we have today and all the opportunities available to everyone. There is no divide between those with more assets or money and those with very little. 

Dragon Soul: A Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance

By LJ Swallow,

Book cover of Dragon Soul: A Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance

Why this book?

This is a box set containing the complete Daughter of Shadow series. Four full-length books filled with spellbinding fantasy romance. The Daughter of Shadow series is a slow-burn and slow-build romantic fantasy that will have you on the edge of your seat sometimes. This is absolutely perfect for those who love reading about unique worlds combined with supernatural creatures such as elves and dragons. This series will draw you into a fantastic world of pure fantasy featuring strong, fiercely protective men who will do anything for the story's heroine, who just so happens to be the centre of their world. The story's heroine is a strong, mighty, magical woman who is a well-written and relatable character. 


By K.F. Breene,

Book cover of Chosen

Why this book?

Chosen is an incredible action-packed book that had me on the edge of my seat throughout. From the strong heroine, fantastic hero, and a whole group of crusaders banding together as they fight the very thought out and realistic villain. The depth of the characters is intriguing along with the way the author has set the scene throughout the story. The fight scenes are graphic which adds the extra ‘wow’ factor to the entire story. I personally loved this as a book that you can truly sit back, relax, and be pulled out of this world into the world the author has created. 

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