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Rose Sinclair Author Of The 8th Rank
By Rose Sinclair

Who am I?

I have a passion for fairy tale stories especially ones for adults because they are often the first stories we learned as kids. The ability to look back at how we interpreted them and how our understanding changes over time and culture makes for something that is truly timeless, and therefore like a beloved trope is never the exact same thing twice. Each time only builds on our enjoyment and the many possibilities we can imagine. Not only in worlds of magic, but our own.

I wrote...

The 8th Rank

By Rose Sinclair,

Book cover of The 8th Rank

What is my book about?

In this Big Bad Magic series, fairy tales intertwine to weave a new story about the people many have considered villainous. This MM fantasy novel features a mage without memories, his rebellious childhood crush, and a magic-fueled race to find each other again before the murder of a Queen.

Through retellings, we not only get to see how the world was, but how it is today. The Frog Prince, Robin Hood, and the Mad Hatter are only a few of the wondrous characters the Big Bad Wolf comes across in a journey to reclaim himself.

The books I picked & why

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A Land of Never After: A Peter Pan Retelling

By R. L. Davennor,

Book cover of A Land of Never After: A Peter Pan Retelling

Why this book?

As someone who writes fairy tale retellings where everyone shares one world as we all do now, I always love the tales that my own characters don’t get to interact with. That’s where A Land of Never After comes in. Featuring a pirate queen a strong-willed Wendy, and a trans Peter Pan. I think the diversity different people expand on is what makes humans so magical in the first place.

How to Train Your Goblin King: A Gaslamp Fantasy Romance

By Erin Vere,

Book cover of How to Train Your Goblin King: A Gaslamp Fantasy Romance

Why this book?

Gaslamp books not only have adorably fun titles, they also can push fairy tale retellings to have more creatures as part of the main cast. Erin Verse’s debut is Labyrinth inspired with a mixed-race heroine fighting for justice. Which you’ll quickly see is my favorite type of protagonist. While humans can be loveable, I think it’s through monsters we often learn to accept ourselves.

Of Heists and Hexes

By S. L. Prater,

Book cover of Of Heists and Hexes

Why this book?

This book is a Robin Hood retelling. While both our Robin’s fight for social change and the poor while falling in love along the way, S.L. Prater’s has a gender swap twist as features a thieving witch pestering the sheriff of Nottingham. I believe Robin being a woman subverts expectation and by seeing the known in a new light like that makes the world a bit more empathic to each other. I think the old and known can change and still hold so much heart.

Tales of the Enchanted Wildwood: Tales 1-6

By Angela J. Ford,

Book cover of Tales of the Enchanted Wildwood: Tales 1-6

Why this book?

While my series tend to be on the shorter end, if you want something to really sink your teeth into try Angela J. Ford’s interracial romance collection full of action, adventure, and steam. Celtic Mythology is the theme for this six standalone novel collection that tops out at over 600 hundred pages! In a world like it is now, sometimes I just want to escape into a fantasy world a fantasy series is so perfect for that.

Once Upon a Forbidden Desire: Fairy Tales and Other Stories

By Zoey Ellis, Kristin Gleeson, Kathryn Ann Kingsley, A.J. Lancaster, C.M Nascosta, L Penelope

Book cover of Once Upon a Forbidden Desire: Fairy Tales and Other Stories

Why this book?

Sometimes you simply want all, I get it. That’s part of the reason why so many fairy tale characters know each other in my series, so why not try a brand-new fantasy romance anthology? Featuring 20 different short stories and authors, Once Upon A Forbidden Desire is bound to be magical. If you are anything like me, you have a long to-do list and there never seems like enough time. Short stories are the perfect thing for that in my opinion. I always savor them like an advent calendar’s candy.

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