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Who am I?

Ever since I was a child, I would hide in my special place and dream away. Reality was rarely the best place to be, even as an adult I fantasize, I step away from reality without ever truly stepping away. Mafia Romance, paranormal, and fantasy excite me, but add in a little touch of real to the story and now even reality makes you wonder. This was the basis for The Devil’s Eyes. I took a new world and mixed in a little bit of what we know is true and a little bit of what-if and a lot of dark and sexy. 

I wrote...

The Devil's Eyes

By Jennifer Loren, Hang Le (illustrator),

Book cover of The Devil's Eyes

What is my book about?

The Devil’s Eyes novel dives deep into the world of the Jayzon crime syndicate. The leader, Nick Jayzon, a rapidly advancing figure in the city has plenty of enemies, but few would dare cross him. There is something different about him, a power that he possesses unlike anyone else. He controls people and turns them into what he needs, except for Kayla. He has no control over her, the first for the young devil. It’s exciting for him, but the game quickly becomes a little too real. Nick is not who Kayla thought he was, and she is not at all like anyone else. It’s a dangerous world Nick lives in, a world he was born in and she, Kayla, was born to change. 

The books I picked & why

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Dark Stranger The Dream

By I. T. Lucas,

Book cover of Dark Stranger The Dream

Why this book?

I love a book that you can dive into, and it takes you into a whole other world. A mysterious world that takes the good and the bad and turns it upside down, inside out, and twists everything until nothing is at seems or you believe it should be. I love new and exciting characters that haven’t been touched on yet or even just a twist of ideas that gets your mind racing with new possibilities. You can’t wait for the next page to see where this new world will take you.  

Dirty Angels

By Karina Halle,

Book cover of Dirty Angels

Why this book?

It’s not your typical romance. It’s dark, twisted, gritty, and full of – Damn! I love the bad boys with an ounce of good deep inside. I love women who can come from nothing and are not easily swayed and dominated. The drama pulls you in so deep you feel as if you are there, you can smell it, feel it, and see it all happening right in front of you. Even better you’re the character. 

Monster in His Eyes

By J.M. Darhower,

Book cover of Monster in His Eyes

Why this book?

This book has its bad boy that seems good but ends up causing his love interest to be conflicted in her love for him and her hate. It’s something I love to play with how much can you hate you truly hate someone you are meant to be with? Is it fate or something more sinister inside of yourself? Love is never easy but it’s far more fun when it’s dark and dangerous. 

Carter Reed

By Tijan,

Book cover of Carter Reed

Why this book?

How great is the feeling of being attracted to a man you know would kill for you? Maybe it’s a horrible thing to feel, it sets off all those questions about your own soul. Or maybe it’s just that you have always lived in this cold world that is liable to destroy you at any moment and instead of giving in, you find a place that feels safe and protected in that world. Only the place is within that bad boy's arms. 

Crow's Row

By Julie Hockley,

Book cover of Crow's Row

Why this book?

The bad boy falls in love with the young innocent girl, and for her sake, he fully intends to keep her at a distance. The only problem is she won’t stay away. It’s the heart deep inside of the bad boy that we are always drawn to, that need to protect her, but finding she’s too stubborn for her own good so the only way to protect her is to be with her. 

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