The best children’s books about Black education, dreams, and self-love

Who am I?

I have always been passionate about Black authors and Black children being writers and writing about their experiences or their children’s experiences since I was a young adult. Ever since the Trayvon Martin incident years ago, these Black history stories and books have been so meaningful to the Black community. I used to read just Urban fiction AA books back in high school, but ever since I became a writer/author I have taken a liking to reading children's books about self-love, fear, and going to college, especially for young black children. I read these books to remind me that we are strong-minded people. That no one can take our light from us.

I wrote...

Mia, the Monster of Fear and the Fairy of Courage

By Cynthia Sanders,

Book cover of Mia, the Monster of Fear and the Fairy of Courage

What is my book about?

Mia, the Monster of Fear, and the Fairy of Courage is about a young girl who is afraid and has doubts about going to a new environment. She fears she won’t make any new friends at her new school. Mia feels she won’t be as smart as the other kids. This monster named Fear dwells on her insecurities every day. Fear tells her she is not smart like the others.

Mia starts to believe in him, until the Fairy of Courage came into her dream and showed her a more positive side of things. The Fairy of Courage showed her a more magical side, that Mia never knew she had. So, Mia got rid of the Monster, dumping him down the toilet, and becoming friends with the Fairy.

The books I picked & why

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A Is for Ancestors: My Black College ABCs

By Erica White, Cami Vollmer (illustrator),

Book cover of A Is for Ancestors: My Black College ABCs

Why this book?

It shows Black graduates graduating from an HBCU and inspiring younger Black children to follow their dreams. This is to educate young Black children to attend college. I feel this can help a parent get their kids into a Black college to be great and well educated. I personally loved this book because it showed encouragement and empowerment. It taught me to never give up.

My Ancestors' Wildest Dreams

By Ava Corinne Holloway, Amanda Loraine Lynch, Bonnie Lemaine (illustrator)

Book cover of My Ancestors' Wildest Dreams

Why this book?

This book shows young girls, especially young Black girls, that you can be a ballerina and that you can be anything you set your mind/heart to. I personally enjoyed it because it showcased young Black ballerinas having fun. It taught me that we can be just about anything in life. I would prefer this book to a friend or a parent to give to their young daughter(s) and teach them that being a ballerina is beautiful.

Black Girl Magic Sprinkles

By Chaunetta Anderson, Trinity Anderson, Nana Melkadze (illustrator)

Book cover of Black Girl Magic Sprinkles

Why this book?

This book is about using some magic sprinkles one day and falling asleep, but waking up in your dreams as a doctor, lawyer, dentist, or even a firefighter is showing young Black kids that they can be all those things and to not let the color of their skin or how they chose to wear their hair stop them from achieving those goals and dreams.

I Think I Need Speech Therapy

By Nina M. Southern,

Book cover of I Think I Need Speech Therapy

Why this book?

This book is about her daughter's personal experience with her speech, and this was a way to help other parents with children how to help their children feel confident about their condition and let other children know that they are beautiful just the way they are. It shows them that nothing is wrong with them, even though they are a little different from the other children, they are still perfect in every way.

The Rules of a Little Boss: A book of self-love

By Haelee P Moone, Arsalan Khan (illustrator),

Book cover of The Rules of a Little Boss: A book of self-love

Why this book?

This book is such a powerful book for all young boys and girls to read. It's about how to truly love yourself because if you don't love yourself no one else will. It shows that you can be your true self and that self-love is the best love. It's about the author's personal experience as to what she endured growing up as a kid, but this book can also relate to what most teens or young kids go through with bullying, abuse, and more.

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