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Christian Zamora Salamanca Author Of The legacy of Sparta
By Christian Zamora Salamanca

Who am I?

My passion for the Spartans and ancient history in general comes from the iconic idea that those men needed to have a lot of courage to face the battles they faced and survive that. These soldiers faced terrible deaths in every battle to defend their families, their lands, their cities. More specifically, the ability of the Spartans to understand that through suffering and lack they could become stronger even if that meant suffering it in their flesh or seeing their children suffer. The different ways of understanding the world by the Persians, the Romans, the Greeks, the Celts... is something incredible.

I wrote...

The legacy of Sparta

By Christian Zamora Salamanca,

Book cover of The legacy of Sparta

What is my book about?

A great story that will immerse you in the world of the Spartans. You will accompany a group of Spartans who will have to make a series of decisions in order to survive, leading them to make history. Without a doubt a story that will transport you to ancient Greece.

The books I picked & why

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Alexander: Child of a Dream

By Valerio Massimo Manfredi,

Book cover of Alexander: Child of a Dream

Why this book?

This series of three books are very exciting. From beginning to end the reader is immersed in Alejandro's life in an impressive way. A recommended reading both as entertainment and at the level of historical and cultural learning. The story is well documented and explained, helping you feel what the different characters feel.

Okela: Espartanos en Cantabria

By Pedro Santamar铆a Fern谩ndez,

Book cover of Okela: Espartanos en Cantabria

Why this book?

The ease of reading of this author is fascinating. He also manages to tell us a story that he connects in a wonderful way with some Roman remains found in the north of Spain. Definitely a great read if the reader can read Spanish. It is full of exciting and brilliant moments that the reader of ancient history will undoubtedly appreciate.

Term贸pilas (Grandes Batallas)

By Paul Cartledge,

Book cover of Term贸pilas (Grandes Batallas)

Why this book?

The legendary feat of the 300 Spartans who sacrificed for their city and their ideals is narrated in an excellent way in this book that also accurately reflects the way of thinking and understanding the world. A highly recommended reading for those who wish to learn about the world of the Spartans. In this story are the most important events of that historic moment.

Hunting the Eagles

By Ben Kane,

Book cover of Hunting the Eagles

Why this book?

A wonderful book that will show us the story of a Roman soldier, his experiences, his way of thinking, and his ability to rebuild himself. We can also learn a lot about Roman culture and their way of seeing the world. A great book that leaves no one indifferent. I really recommend this book because it shows the importance of not giving up in the face of different circumstances and changes that occur in life. I recommend this book to all types of readers.

Aretes de Esparta (Hist贸rica)

By Llu铆s Prats Mart铆nez,

Book cover of Aretes de Esparta (Hist贸rica)

Why this book?

I don't know if this book has an English version, but it should still be recommended because it is the book that introduced me to the world of the Spartans, their ideology, and their way of understanding the world. For me, it is a book for seniors written as if it were for children. A fluent reading that guides you through the emotions of the protagonist, getting to share her joys and her illusions. Definitely a must-read if you want to enjoy the exciting world of ancient history.

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