Aretes de Esparta (Histórica)

By Lluís Prats Martínez,

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«Recuerdo que, de niña, antes de acostarme, me sentaba en las rodillas del abuelo Laertes y él dejaba que acariciara su barba blanca y recorriera con los dedos las arrugas y las cicatrices que adornaban su rostro solemne. Luego el abuelo decía para sí: ―Ha sido el miedo. El miedo…

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I don't know if this book has an English version, but it should still be recommended because it is the book that introduced me to the world of the Spartans, their ideology, and their way of understanding the world. For me, it is a book for seniors written as if it were for children. A fluent reading that guides you through the emotions of the protagonist, getting to share her joys and her illusions. Definitely a must-read if you want to enjoy the exciting world of ancient history.

From Christian's list on the great Spartan Nation.

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