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Jackie Slevin Author Of Finding Success in the Horoscope: The Slevin System of Horoscope Analysis
By Jackie Slevin

Who am I?

As a Certified Astrologer and Education Director of The National Council for Geocosmic Research, I host monthly webinars with experienced astrologers from around the world who present state-of-the-art lectures on every facet of astrology. I taught astrology in-person and online for 10 years, have consulted professionally for 40, and have written many articles in astrological newsletters and magazines, some of which have been published internationally. For the past 14 years I’ve been a staff writer for Horoscope Guide Magazine, and have been interviewed frequently on talk radio, podcasts, and newspapers, including The New York Post.

I wrote...

Finding Success in the Horoscope: The Slevin System of Horoscope Analysis

By Jackie Slevin,

Book cover of Finding Success in the Horoscope: The Slevin System of Horoscope Analysis

What is my book about?

In my book I outline the Slevin System of Horoscope Analysis, a 12- step system that provides a step-by-step approach to determining the best route to success based on your individual horoscope. Expanding beyond Sun-Sign Astrology, all you need is a computer print-out to discover the aspects of your Midheaven (one of the four angles in a horoscope) and define abilities, develop talents, and ultimately attain your goals. More than 40 example charts are included and delineated to help you follow the specific steps  Extending beyond standard Sun-Sign Astrology, this unique method has not been published anywhere else, and revolutionizes astrological career counseling

The books I picked & why

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Linda Goodman's Sun Signs

By Linda Goodman,

Book cover of Linda Goodman's Sun Signs

Why this book?

This is the book that ignited my spark of interest in astrology, along with so many other practitioners. How anyone could pinpoint characteristics of people from the month of their birth astounded me, and from this premise I continued to read every astrology book I could get my hands on. One of the most user-friendly books in this field, anyone from any walk of life can glance through it and, knowing only their birthday, learn their place in the scheme of the heavens. In addition to her piercing insights, Linda Good was an exceptionally good writer who keeps you turning the pages. 

Astrology: A Cosmic Science: The Classic Work on Spiritual Astrology

By Isabel M. Hickey,

Book cover of Astrology: A Cosmic Science: The Classic Work on Spiritual Astrology

Why this book?

This classic takes you to the next step of horoscope analysis, along with a more philosophical approach to how the heavens impact human behavior based on planets’ placements at the time of your birth. Detailed explanations about signs, planets, and houses are presented in almost a “cookbook” presentation that helps the reader make more sense of how horoscopes play a role in a person’s destiny. The language and descriptions may be a bit dated for some tastes, but the timeless message remains intact.

Secrets from a Stargazer's Notebook

By Debbi Kempton Smith,

Book cover of Secrets from a Stargazer's Notebook

Why this book?

In a refreshing break from standard fare, Kempton-Smith uses humor with deep insight to describe the components of a horoscope in a writing style that is more amenable to the contemporary reader who is seeking the fundamentals of horoscope analysis. Descriptions of planets, signs, and aspects are instructive and instantly applicable in her many clear examples. The unique chapter on "Astrology for Daily Living" illustrates how astrology is used in mundane events and other areas that is not found in most texts. Her techniques for determining the best days for those born under certain signs to undertake endeavors is highly recommended, and her overall mass appeal is up-beat and entertaining. 

The Inner Sky: How to Make Wiser for a More Fulfilling Life

By Steven Forrest,

Book cover of The Inner Sky: How to Make Wiser for a More Fulfilling Life

Why this book?

The first installment in a series from the modern-day guru of evolutionary astrology, The Inner Sky is a must-read for anyone with a strong interest in how horoscopes function in our lives. Written in excellent prose with subtexts of symbol, strategy, endpoint, resources, and shadow for each Sun sign, Forrest takes us on a journey of discovery of the finer points and lesser qualities of each zodiac sign, and presents more contemporary explanations of planets in signs, houses, and aspects. Referring to a copy of your chart while reading this book brings your chart to life, bringing inner revelations in the process. 

Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View

By Richard Tarnas,

Book cover of Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View

Why this book?

In Cosmos and Psyche, a massive tome based on thirty years of astrological research, psychologist and cultural historian Richard Tarnas has written a sensational synthesis of astrological, psycho-spiritual, and humanistic studies. Sun signs and other horoscopic explanations are not included. This masterpiece begins and ends with the psyche, the human condition, and, most especially, the modern mind, and how it is screaming to be reunited with the soul of the universe. 

Tarnas writes that modern science has de-anthropomorphized cognition and thus the modern world is disenchanted and ultimately disconnected. In the disenchanted cosmos, nothing is sacred, but if one is involved in the “participation mystique” the universe is truly enchanted, hence everything is sacred. Highly recommended for advanced students and practitioners.

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