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J.L. Stowers Author Of Vengeance Lost
By J.L. Stowers

Who am I?

I’ve held a burgeoning interest in the stars since I was a young girl. Daydreams of adventure and exploration guided me to the genre. Once I found it, I consumed everything I could find, both on-screen and in the pages of books. There’s something to be said about the vulnerability of being in the vastness of space, oftentimes with strangers who grow to be family. I guess, in a way, it reminds me of that moment when we set out into the world, away from our families, to learn and explore more about our surroundings and the characters we meet along the way (only on a much grander scale). 

I wrote...

Vengeance Lost

By J.L. Stowers,

Book cover of Vengeance Lost

What is my book about?

Star Captain Dani Devereaux dreamt of following in her father's footsteps... but she had no idea where they'd lead her. Hard work and dedication earned her a respected position in the Galactic Conglomerate. Then things went sideways. Dani and her crew get caught up in a battle nobody can win. She has only seconds to make the most momentous decision of her career. But is it the right choice? Dani doubts her instincts as the repercussions ripple out of control and the Galactic Conglomerate hunts for a place to pin the blame.

If you love action-packed space adventures then join Dani and her crew, because the real battle is just beginning. Heads will roll in this first installment of the Ardent Redux Saga - an episodic rapid release space opera serial. 

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The books I picked & why

Rumors of War

By A.K. DuBoff,

Book cover of Rumors of War

Why did I love this book?

Amy is amazing at writing characters you really care about. Her fans have dubbed her the Queen of Space Opera and they’re not wrong. On top of her characters, she does a great job with suspense and plot twists that make it hard to stop reading. I loved how entertaining these books are and I feel as though every space opera fan should check them out. 

By A.K. DuBoff,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Rumors of War as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

The Taran Empire is fighting a secret interdimensional war... and they're losing.

When High Dynasty heir Wil Sietinen comes face-to-face with the Bakzen, a mysterious race skilled in advanced telekinesis, he's forced to confront his destiny. A secret war is being waged within a hidden dimensional rift, and his unique gifts can help win the fight.

As the dire nature of the conflict and the truth about his own abilities unfolds, Wil realizes he's at the center of a galactic conspiracy. And enemies are not who they seem.

With the future of the entire Taran Empire hanging in the balance,…

The Vacuum of Space

By Julia Huni,

Book cover of The Vacuum of Space

Why did I love this book?

I adore well-written humor in a science fiction setting and Julia really did a great job. This story is fun and has plenty of fast-paced action. It’s a great clean, upbeat, well-written series with the perfect amount of comedy, adventure, mystery, and is a great way to escape the dreariness of the world. It’s a totally binge-worthy series!

By Julia Huni,

Why should I read it?

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What is this book about?

Cleaning a space station is easy.

Staying under the radar? Priceless.

Triana Moore programs the robots that clean the glitzy Station Kelly Kornienko. Avoiding the wealthy inhabitants on the upper levels of the station is her number one rule. Well, number two, right after "eat all the chocolate."

But when one of her bots finds a dead body, all the rules go out the window.  Or the airlock, since the windows on SK2 don't open.

Come along on a crazy ride through SK2 and across the galaxy with Triana Moore, Space Janitor.

This ebook contains the complete Space Janitor series…


By AM Scott,

Book cover of Clocker

Why did I love this book?

AM Scott is fantastic at character development, and she explains technology in a way that anyone can understand. These books are hard to put down and I really enjoyed getting to know the main character. This is an ongoing series and I look forward to seeing what she does next. 

By AM Scott,

Why should I read it?

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What is this book about?

The complete seven-book classic space opera series is ready for binge-reading! This set includes Books 1.0 through 3.0, plus the prequel novella Book 0.5, Lightwave: Nexus Station!

Saree’s got a secret. A truly unique talent.

Trillions rely on her rare gift. If they knew, they’d betray her in a heartbeat for the huge reward.

Despite Saree’s best efforts, rumors fly. Desperate, she jumps on Lightwave Fold Transport just ahead of a bounty hunter.

But Lightwave might not be safer.

Lightwave’s crew were mercenaries. Mercenaries who destroyed her childhood home. Saree barely escaped last time. Will they recognize her?

Worse, will…

Eye of the Colossus

By Nicole Grotepas,

Book cover of Eye of the Colossus

Why did I love this book?

Nicole has done something really great with this series. She’s created memorable, detailed characters to build a cast you really care about. I really love seeing how other authors have humans interact with aliens and vice versa. This series was a great blend of everything you need for an epic adventure.

By Nicole Grotepas,

Why should I read it?

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What is this book about?

1900 pages of space opera adventure for fans of Firefly, Killjoys, and the Mandalorian... Holly Drake just got out of prison... but that doesn't mean she’s free.

The City of Jade Spires is no paradise, though everything about it says otherwise: the glimmering jade towers, the glow of a gas giant, and the 6 Moons balanced between four supposedly equal races.

Serving an unfair sentence like Holly’s clears up such a gross misconception pretty quick. When she walks free due to the intervention of a mysterious source, she soon realizes they want her to do something: Steal a priceless jewel…

Crisis in Silstrand

By Chris J. Pike, M. D. Cooper,

Book cover of Crisis in Silstrand

Why did I love this book?

I don’t typically read military sci-fi or hard science fiction, but these two incredible authors have pulled me in. This series is part of a bigger universe called Aeon 14 and all of it is a joy to read. The authors work together to weave a story full of well-developed characters, flawless character interactions, along with conflict and resolution. 

By Chris J. Pike, M. D. Cooper,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Crisis in Silstrand as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

The Silstrand Alliance lies at the intersection of vast empires.
And they're losing ground...
Kylie Rhoads, one-time officer in the Silstrand Space Force, is now a junker. Captain of the Dauntless, she plies the black at the edge of the Gedri System, looking for derelict hulls to pull in and sell for salvage. So that she can bring Maverick his cut of the take...

But the Silstrand Alliance hasn't forgotten Kylie, and Maverick has something they desperately need.

Kylie finds herself caught up with old friends, enemies, and a rather terrifying new technology that will make or break whatever future…

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