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Who am I?

I am a deeply emotional person although I hide it well. I feel things on a level not everyone understands. I am also a romantic. Because of that, I have always been drawn to romance books, even as a child, but more than that, I am drawn to romance that makes me feel. I want to feel the heartbreak and live through the struggles of love. Real love isn’t pretty and neat. It is messy and raw and vulnerable. I want to experience the gut-clenching, heart-racing emotions with every page and every word. It’s what keeps me turning the pages wanting more.

I wrote...

Break Me Down (Sons of Sin Book 4)

By Nola Marie,

Book cover of Break Me Down (Sons of Sin Book 4)

What is my book about?

Sons of Sin’s lead guitarist loves being the “sin” in their name. Because without Heaven, he’d rather fast-track to hell and rage.

Except for that one moment – a brief year in my life where I experienced Heaven. But I crashed and burned as hard as Lucifer himself when she destroyed me. He was my one. Until I learned something that shattered my heart. And now, in a cruel twist, the universe has thrown us back together. Shattered and gutted, how do two people heal when apologies don’t fix the damage, and the truth comes out years too late?

The books I picked & why

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Damien, Forever (Art of Sinners)

By Tempest Phan,

Book cover of Damien, Forever (Art of Sinners)

Why this book?

This is a book beautifully and artistically written like I’ve never seen. The words flow organically and poetically all at once weaving a tale that will leave your heart bleeding and your soul rocked to its. The emotions are real, palpable, tangible as you read through the heartbreak and diversity to reach the HEA we all need in a romance.

A Stone in the Sea

By A.L. Jackson,

Book cover of A Stone in the Sea

Why this book?

This book hit my heart so hard. I felt it on a visceral level with my stomach plummeting to the depths while my heart raced erratically in my chest. The anguish and agony of two lost souls just trying to find their way through the sludge of what their lives have become. It broke me in two with every line and page, leaving me needing more. Needing the hard-fought happily ever after I crave. This is the first book in a duet and the next is just as gut clenching as the first. 

Broken Road: A Milltown Novel

By Devin Sloane,

Book cover of Broken Road: A Milltown Novel

Why this book?

Broken Road is real. Real-life, real struggles, real love. It covers an array of topics that people struggle with every day. Debilitating mental illness, divorce, raising children. The journey of this couple over decades is heartbreaking, but it shows the journey was worth the pain and the heartbreak of finally being with the one who calls to your soul.

Breathe With Me

By Michelle B,

Book cover of Breathe With Me

Why this book?

This is book one in a trilogy of heartbreak and redemption. The tears I cried for the couple as they fought life and each other were real. They were brought to their knees forced to face the consequences of their actions and forced to recognize their love for each other was never going to be easy. From the first chapter, I was driven into a universe that made me feel real pain and heartbreak, but more than that, real love.  Love that was unconditional and unfathomable. It takes a lot to get there, but their HEA was well worth the struggle.

Priest: A Love Story

By Sierra Simone,

Book cover of Priest: A Love Story

Why this book?

A somewhat dark romance on a taboo topic, this book was written in a way I never expected. It brought love and spirituality through in a way that made the taboo, unthinkable acts beautiful and holy. It was written with so much feeling, depth, and emotion that I found myself in tears over the struggles. I could feel the pain but also that deeper, spiritual connection that took my breath away in the most unexpected ways.

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