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Look. I could tell you it’s a modern-day gothic. I could tell you it wields its heresy to illuminate the true meaning of God. I could tell you she writes with the clarity of an imprisoned martyr watching the pyre being assembled outside her window. But, really, I just want you to know that I read Sierra Simone with a goofy smile on my face, marveling at how she makes the bonkers believable. She’s a surreal realist. There’s an energy here that’s simply unmatched. The book vibrates. And if you make it through Priest, might I suggest her New…

A somewhat dark romance on a taboo topic, this book was written in a way I never expected. It brought love and spirituality through in a way that made the taboo, unthinkable acts beautiful and holy. It was written with so much feeling, depth, and emotion that I found myself in tears over the struggles. I could feel the pain but also that deeper, spiritual connection that took my breath away in the most unexpected ways.

From Nola's list on soul rocking romance.

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