The best paranormal romance book series to binge read late into the night

The Books I Picked & Why

Angels' Blood

By Nalini Singh

Book cover of Angels' Blood

Why this book?

Nalini Singh is a master of world creation. Her Guild Hunter series seamlessly incorporates angels and vampires into modern life with such finesse it’s easy to forget her stories are fiction. Every character in the series is artfully developed with a beautiful balance of strengths and flaws. While the overarching storyline of good vs evil ties the series together, it’s Singh’s cast who keeps me ravenous for every installment. This is one of the few series I reread from start to finish with each new release and every pass-through feels like a return to old friends.

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Fantasy Lover

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Book cover of Fantasy Lover

Why this book?

Sometimes I want to be emotionally destroyed and when I do, this is the series I return to. Kenyon has a way of developing her fantasy world and those who inhabit it so fully that reading this series feels less like an escape and more like an immersion. This series is a different take on the vampire genre, bringing in Greek mythology to expand the lore of Kenyon’s world. The heroines are strong, the heroes are perfectly flawed, and this is the series I turn to when I want to feel every emotion on the spectrum. 

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Dark Lover

By J.R.Ward

Book cover of Dark Lover

Why this book?

I make no apologies for being a serial series reader and this one makes every one of my top ten must-read lists. You want action? Read this. Intrigue? Done. Vamps with questionable morals and snarky attitudes? All here. Romance? Definitely. Escapism? J.R. Ward is a queen of storytelling with a flair for walking on the darker side without crossing over. The Black Dagger Brotherhood series is my top recommendation for anyone seeking to dip their toes in the paranormal romance genre.

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Some Girls Bite

By Chloe Neill

Book cover of Some Girls Bite

Why this book?

A heroine who takes no prisoners and keeps every alpha she meets on his toes? Yes, please. The Chicagoland series has everything I want in a summer binge-read: drama, romance, relevant bloodshed, and humor. Chicagoland is a sweet blend of swords, bites, and heat and anyone looking for a series to become immersed in on the beach will love it.

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Midnight Touch: Midnight Pack

By L. Ann

Book cover of Midnight Touch: Midnight Pack

Why this book?

L. Ann is a new-to-me author and one whose Forgotten Legacy series made me an instant fan. Her writing is smooth, angst is high, and characters are heartbreakingly real. Romance guarantees a happily ever after, but L. Ann keeps you guessing how she’s going to accomplish it until the bitter end. For paranormal romance readers sliding from vampires over to shifters, the Midnight Pack series is a delicious excuse to stay up past bedtime to finish off just one more chapter.

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