The best indie cyberpunk books to get your circuits going

Tanweer Dar Author Of The Demon
By Tanweer Dar

Who am I?

Between Blade Runner and The Terminator, I was hooked on Cyberpunk. Throw in some Ghost in the Shell and Black Mirror, and the obsession was complete. With the rise of Synthwave as a musical genre and as a retro-futuristic aesthetic, I had both the soundtrack and the visual cues to which I could write Cyberpunk. I also feel strongly about our increasing reliance on technology and the blurring lines between biology and technology. This is something I explore in my writing.

I wrote...

The Demon

By Tanweer Dar,

Book cover of The Demon

What is my book about?

A mysterious vigilante is stalking the neon-soaked streets at night. Taking on the most dangerous of criminals and saving lives, one night he rescues Charlie, a plucky young journalist, from a gang of masked men. Desperate to discover her enigmatic rescuer’s identity and motives, she learns of a dark, terrible past… 

The books I picked & why

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The Complete Strange Tales From the City of Dust: Omnibus

By Vaz Anzai,

Book cover of The Complete Strange Tales From the City of Dust: Omnibus

Why this book?

Vaz Anzai collects all five episodes from his Strange Tales from The City Of Dust series in this absolutely breathtaking omnibus that also includes bonus short stories, author notes, and exclusive artwork. With great, and varied, characters, fascinating technology, and gritty Cyberpunk settings, Dust: Omnibus is essential reading for all fans of the genre.

Into Neon: A Cyberpunk Saga

By Matthew A. Goodwin,

Book cover of Into Neon: A Cyberpunk Saga

Why this book?

This book stands out because of its great world-building, terrific characters (Chicken Thumbs and Patchwork are personal favourites), and brilliant action—this is cyberpunk at its best. The attention to detail, such as the names of corporations and logos is impressive. There are also a couple of well-conceived and executed twists (no spoilers!).

Early Adopters: Rogue Elements

By D.T. Wilby,

Book cover of Early Adopters: Rogue Elements

Why this book?

This book is a thrilling, action-packed ride through a merciless world ruled by nefarious corporations and filled with deadly, genetically enhanced super-humans. As well as Cyberpunk aficionados, Early Adopters will also appeal to fans of comics as well as lovers of action and espionage. No Mary-Sues here, though. Morally grey, gritty, and grueling!

Auxiliary: London 2039

By Jon Richter,

Book cover of Auxiliary: London 2039

Why this book?

A noir Cyberpunk book set in the UK (which itself makes it distinctive). Great characters, crazy technology, and lots of drama make Auxiliary seriously gripping. If you like Cyberpunk, robotics/Artificial Intelligence, and dark, dystopian thrillers, you will love this! Just a word of warning, though, this is not for the faint of heart...

Atomic Fireflies: A Tale Of The Knockoffs

By A.C. Merkel,

Book cover of Atomic Fireflies: A Tale Of The Knockoffs

Why this book?

This quick read is the lovechild of Transformers and Wangan Midnight. As silly as it is brilliant, this is a retro slice of Cyberpunk fun that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Fast-paced and filled with lots of action, Atomic Fireflies is sure to put a digital smile on the face of any Cyberpunk reader.

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