The best books for romance-loving Christians

Who am I?

I’m a long-time lover of Christian romance, and now with over a dozen Christian historical romance books published, and a similar amount of Christian contemporary romances published or soon to be, I think I’m someone who has a true appreciation for romance that is soul-stirringly Christian, not just clean or sweet, but which contains truths that will inspire and encourage as well as entertain with swoon-worthy romance.

I wrote...

The Breakup Project

By Carolyn Miller,

Book cover of The Breakup Project

What is my book about?

New Year. New Resolution. New Romance? What happens when the best-laid plans break a friendship? As the twin sister of hockey’s hottest forward, romance-loving Bree Karlsson is used to being ignored, leading to a New Year’s resolution to not date any athlete in her attempt to find Mr. Right. But what happens when the man who might prove to be her personal Mr. Darcy is her brother’s hockey-playing best friend?

This friends-to-more romance has plenty of heart, humor, and swoon-worthy kisses in this first book of the Original Six, a sweet Christian contemporary romance series.

The books I picked & why

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My Stubborn Heart

By Becky Wade,

Book cover of My Stubborn Heart

Why this book?

I love My Stubborn Heart because it’s a contemporary Christian romance that’s real, relatable, and encourages Christians to trust God, even when it feels like doing things God’s way puts our hopes and dreams at risk. I love this book because a) hockey player, and b) redheaded heroine (and we all need to see more of them in fiction and real life!)

I recommend this book for people who enjoy contemporary romance with heart and humor and are wanting to read books with more than a tokenistic faith message.

Redeeming Love

By Francine Rivers,

Book cover of Redeeming Love

Why this book?

Redeeming Love surely has to be one of the all-time classics of Christian books, let alone Christian romance. It is a superb mid-nineteenth-century retelling of the book of Hosea from the Bible, which sees a broken woman restored to wholeness and healing through the sacrificial love of Michael Hosea. Containing some truly heart-wrenching moments, this book is filled with hope and heart-satisfaction, and inspirational qualities that are guaranteed to move your heart like this book did mine.

The Governess of Highland Hall

By Carrie Turansky,

Book cover of The Governess of Highland Hall

Why this book?

If you’re like me and a fan of Downton Abbey, then you’ll appreciate the well-researched Edwardian period details found in this charming story, as well as the sweet romance. Julia Foster is not your usual governess, having a remarkable backstory of her own, but the way she cares for the widowed William and his children is heart-warming and will captivate your heart. 

It Had to Be You

By Susan May Warren,

Book cover of It Had to Be You

Why this book?

This is the second book in the Christiansen family series, but in my opinion, is one of the best. Why? It’s about a hockey player (hello!), and the over-committed sister of one of his teammates. This book explores things such as family obligations and unspoken expectations, discovering God’s purpose for your life, and learning to accept God’s grace. The use of Scripture is powerful and inspiring yet used so naturally that I’m sure readers will be encouraged as I was, and as for the romance – prepare for some swoon-worthy kisses!

Reason and Romance: A Contemporary Retelling of Sense and Sensibility

By Debra White Smith,

Book cover of Reason and Romance: A Contemporary Retelling of Sense and Sensibility

Why this book?

As a longtime fan of Jane Austen, this modern retelling of Sense and Sensibility is the epitome of romance for me, containing all the feels. There is a beautiful sense of longing, as Elaina attempts to be the voice of reason in her highly emotion-driven family while struggling between her natural caution and a yearning attraction for Ted Farris. It’s the sense of emotional constraint that makes this romance so powerful to me, as Elaina’s qualities of reticence seem rare these days. If you want an inspiring, sweet romance with a hint of Jane Austen, then this is a great book to check out.

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