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Who am I?

I worked as long-haul cabin crew for many years and I love travelling. I’ve really missed being able to travel (as many have too) and I dream of the places I’ll be able to visit again soon. The Ex-Husband was the book I wrote in lockdown so I loved being able to ‘escape’ to the sunny Caribbean. I had fond memories of a trip to Barbados, so the book is mostly set there. I also travelled a lot as a child and one of my first memories is of being on a plane.

I wrote...

The Ex-Husband

By Karen Hamilton,

Book cover of The Ex-Husband

What is my book about?

Charlotte has an unsavoury past, but she’s on the straight and narrow these days. She was so young then – she married the wrong man, falling for Sam’s sweet-talking charm and charisma, and got caught up in his con artist games. Now Sam is missing. But before he disappeared, he left urgent, cryptic messages about someone threatening him – someone who has been threatening Charlotte too.

So Charlotte takes a job as a personal assistant for an engagement party aboard a private luxury cruise ship, the Cleobella, to get far away from anyone who means her harm. But as the Cleobella sails through its glittering destinations, increasingly sinister events haunt the guests, and the turquoise waves and sun-drenched beaches give way to something darker. 

The books I picked & why

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He Started It

By Samantha Downing,

Book cover of He Started It

Why this book?

In He Started It a group of siblings embarks on a road trip from hell in a warped trek down memory lane. The thought of being trapped in a car with unlikeable people or with those keeping dark secrets feels claustrophobic and full of tension. To me, travelling is supposed to be fun or an adventure. Not in this case! I raced through this tightly plotted thriller, unable to put it down.

Beautiful Bad

By Annie Ward,

Book cover of Beautiful Bad

Why this book?

This book is rich in detail and tells the story of Maddie who is a travel writer who meets her future husband, Ian, while abroad. From the beginning during a 911 call, it’s obvious that something has gone badly wrong. This is a wonderfully written book, set in the Balkans, Iraq, and Kansas, to name a few places, and is full of tension. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. 

The Castaways

By Clarke Lucy,

Book cover of The Castaways

Why this book?

A small plane crashes on an uninhabited island in the Pacific. The fear and tension among the survivors against the backdrop of paradise and the wreck of the plane is palpable. As the main character Lori struggles to survive her sister, Erin, who missed the flight, has no idea where the plane crashed. As the group of people struggles to survive the hardships, fear grows as it seems there is no way off the island. Chillingly brilliant.

Murder on the Orient Express

By Agatha Christie,

Book cover of Murder on the Orient Express

Why this book?

I love Agatha Christie and this is one of my favourite books. Trapped in the middle of nowhere in the snow, a group of passengers is stranded onboard the luxury train. Again, I love the sense of luxury against the wider harsh backdrop and the sense of panic at being trapped on board a train with a murderer and no way to escape. 

The Woman in Cabin 10

By Ruth Ware,

Book cover of The Woman in Cabin 10

Why this book?

I loved this tightly plotted thriller set on a luxury yacht. Lo writes for a travel magazine and at first, the trip is seemingly perfect, with clear skies and calm seas. However, when Lo witnesses a woman going overboard and all the passengers are accounted for, the ship continues on its way despite her attempts to get to the truth. Trapped, this is another spine-chilling and brilliantly claustrophobic read. 

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