Why We Buy

By Paco Underhill,

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I read this book on an airplane and was asked by the person next to me why I needed to learn about why I buy things. Well, this book is for anyone interested in understanding consumer behavior and the psychology of shopping. It’s an in-depth exploration of how shoppers interact with products and environments and provides valuable insights into how businesses can improve their sales and customer satisfaction. Underhill backs up his observations with a wealth of research and data. 

A great first read to understand the psychology of shopping and how retail stores use that to their advantage. A good entry whether you want to understand how store design can influence your customers or how you yourself are influenced when you shop. Paco Underhill is highly regarded throughout the retail design industry as being someone who uses “retail anthropology” to study shoppers in their native habitat. Great whether you are a retailer or a shopper. 

From Flora's list on retail managers and owners.

Paco’s Why We Buy has been the gold standard for shopper marketers for many years. This book (and its more recently updated new edition) opens our eyes to the seemingly “random” behaviors of store shoppers. This was one of the first attempts to systematically study and optimize the use of retail space – as such it was a precursor to the many books on the customer experience we see today.

From Michael's list on why we buy and what brands “mean”.

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