The High Ground

By Melinda Snodgrass,

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In the Solar League, those without choice seek the High Ground … As humanity progresses through the stars, in some ways, it has regressed.The Solar League, under the control of its aristocracy, has conquered many races it has encountered, placing such aliens on the bottom rung of a social order…

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In most space opera novels, humans are the absolute best. Whether they began the government they belong to, or came to it later, they’re special in a way that makes the universe better. Melinda Snodgrass’ The High Ground is different. In her series, humans went into space, met aliens, and conquered nearly everyone they met. Now the aristocrats of the Solar League spend their time on balls and dancing, while in the dark, a new menace approaches. This is an action series, but the heart of the story is the relationship between Mercedes, eldest daughter of the Emperor, and Tracy,…

From Michael's list on multi-cultural space operas.

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