The Da Vinci Code

By Dan Brown,

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Harvard professor Robert Langdon receives an urgent late-night phone call while on business in Paris: the elderly curator of the Louvre has been brutally murdered inside the museum. Alongside the body, police have found a series of baffling codes.

As Langdon and a gifted French cryptologist, Sophie Neveu, begin to…

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The Da Vinci Code is a truly remarkable tale. Brown's unrivaled imagination is in full force in this thriller that begins in Paris. The main character, Robert Langdon, is thrust into a whirlwind of intrigue and danger surrounding an ancient society that takes extraordinary actions to protect its secrets. I enjoy a detailed story that pushes the reader to follow every minute detail to help Langdon solve the puzzle confronting him and the other main characters. The Da Vinci Code is brilliantly conceived and highly entertaining. I hope that you find it as riveting and fun as I do. You…

I loved this book because it made me think. What if everything we were conditioned to believe is a lie? How many historical facts have we lost, or how many are being deliberately kept from us?

I really love the way Dan Brown blurs the line between historical facts and myth while inserting plenty of drama and mystery. I’ve always appreciated art, but this book definitely showed me a new way of looking at and interpreting paintings and sculptures. Are there really hidden meanings in art? Hmmm…

This book tells a great adventure of Professor Langdon. In his search of the mysterious Da Vinci Code, I’ve learned that the dark side of fantasy and reality mixed in this story. And I always like the story that has the touch of mystical. Also, this story has its rational perspective when compared to reality. That was why this book got pretty phenomenal back then. 😊

The Da Vinci Code taught me that you can open a book with pure action without knowing who the characters really are or what the situation is. An old man gets murdered in the Louvre. Why? The police suspect Dr. Langdon. Why? Another detective is secretly trying to help him. Why? These unanswered questions coupled with the intense action of escape and pursuit leave the reader breathless. When I first read this, I devoured half in the book in one sitting. I couldn’t get enough. This action without initial explanation influenced the openings of all of my books.

This one may be a bit of a cliché as far as thrillers go these days, but it’s one of the first thrillers I ever read, and Dan Brown has remained with me ever since. His prose may be lacking, but his plotting, characterization, and cliffhangers are next level! This is the perfect book for a cross-Atlantic flight or a lazy day at the beach!

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