The Art of Quiet Influence

By Jocelyn Davis,

Book cover of The Art of Quiet Influence: Timeless Wisdom for Leading Without Authority

Book description

Influence is getting things done without coercion. It's strength without force-mindfulness in action. Master influencers walk lightly, talk softly and have no need of a big stick, yet collective success hinges on their words and deeds.

Anyone can be a quiet influencer. Featuring twelve specific practices, twelve typical pitfalls and…

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When we’re transforming our stories, we’re not only asking ourselves to do something different, but we’re also asking the people, places, and things around us to evolve as well. The Art of Quiet Influence fosters awareness of self by bringing in Western and Eastern philosophical wisdom – from Confucius to Rumi to Buddha to Gandhi – to shed light on influencing best practices. While the title implies an influence of others, it emphasizes knowing yourself through your mind, body, and soul prior to seeking changes for anyone else. The book offers a focused presence where output is more important than…

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