By Ian McDonald,

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Hopeland is not a nation. It is not a cult. It is not a religion.

Hopeland is a community. It is a culture. It is a family.

When Raisa Hopeland, determined to win her race to become the next electromancer of London, bumps into Amon Brightbourne - tweed-suited, otherworldly, guided…

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Hopeland is a masterpiece of magical realism: only a magician could have crafted such a book, and McDonald’s protagonists are thoroughly human and relatable, which makes them very real, their occasional electromancy and stormtalking (breathtakingly described) notwithstanding.

They live, love, grieve, and help save the world from the climate catastrophe (which, incidentally, is the reality that we are living right now), all the while revealing to you why the world deserves saving.

Beware: you, too, will weep, laugh, love, and end up wanting to help save the world.

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