Beneath Devil's Bridge

By Loreth Anne White,

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A true crime podcast yields new revelations about a shocking murder in a riveting novel of suspense by Washington Post and Amazon Charts bestselling author Loreth Anne White.

True crime podcaster Trinity Scott is chasing breakout success, and her brand-new serial may get her there. Her subject is Clayton Jay…

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This is the book that sent me scurrying to the library in search of more Loreth Anne White novels.

Beneath Devil’s Bridge is a murder mystery with heart and mood and an eerie sense of place. White keeps circling back to the bridge, the victim, the bystanders, revealing layer after layer of mystery and pathos. A riveting novel.   

One of the things that appeals to me about true crime podcasts is the idea that people who have harboured secrets for decades can be ready to set them free.

In Beneath Devil’s Bridge, young true crime podcaster Trinity Scott wants to make a name for herself and interviewing the killer locked up for the shocking murder of a local teenager is her way to do that. Despite having confessed to the crime, he now claims he wasn’t the killer after all.

The revelations aired in the podcast episodes force ex-police officer Rachel Walczak to question everything she thought she…

From Heather's list on true crime podcasters.

The excellent mystery thriller Beneath Devil’s Bridge was built around a cold case unearthed by podcaster Trinity Scott. The author’s writing is beautiful and expressive. From the start, I sympathized with and wanted justice for Leena, the awkward fourteen-year-old girl who was the victim of a brutal murder.

The insinuation that her killer was not punished immediately gripped my interest. I followed Trinity and Rachel, the detective who investigated the crime, as the story unraveled between then and now, interlaced with heartbreaking chapters from Leena’s perspective. Knowing this was inspired by an actual murder made it even more intense…

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