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Rebecca Lange Author Of Healing the Orphaned Heart
By Rebecca Lange

Who am I?

Ever since I can remember I had a special love for western romance books. My mom has written several books set in 1800s America and that probably stirred me in that direction as well since I love her books (they're in German, which is why I couldn’t recommend them). Regency has become my second historical fiction genre, which is probably why I write and read both time periods. I'm a German-born US-Indie author and total romance fanatic. I write Christian Romance set mostly in the above time periods. I'm a massive Harry Potter fan, have been married to my husband for nearly 18 years and we have two teenage sons. 

I wrote...

Healing the Orphaned Heart

By Rebecca Lange,

Book cover of Healing the Orphaned Heart

What is my book about?

A move across the country... A dowry that turns into a curse... A marshal that captures her heart...

After her father’s death, Rose is sent to live with her uncle and his family, whom she hasn’t seen in over twelve years. Terrified of the reception she’ll receive, Rose makes the journey alone and quickly realizes that her late father’s wealth has made her a target for not just journalists but dowry hunters everywhere. Will her relatives in Colorado take her in with open arms, or was this arrangement forced on them, and would it turn into another disappointment? And, is Rose’s future already sealed by a parade of lies, or is there hope for a happy ending and the healing of her orphaned heart?

The books I picked & why

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Secrets and Suitors

By Joanna Barker,

Book cover of Secrets and Suitors

Why this book?

A swoon-worthy love story. A handsome young man who gives you all the feels. A young woman standing her ground. A passionate kiss that is so worth the wait. 

What can I say, I am totally in love with this story. Secrets and Suitors was one of the books that made me fall in love with the regency period. It has everything I want in a good story, without the steam and inappropriate scenes. The shy main character has to learn to fight for her rights and the man she loves and not let her father dictate her life. I love a strong female lead, willing to deal with the consequences by going for what they want.

A Proper Charade

By Esther Hatch,

Book cover of A Proper Charade

Why this book?

What a delightful read. Lady Patience Kendrick disguises herself as a maid to prove to her elder brother that she can work just as hard as servants, and gets hired by the staff or her brother’s former general. What could go wrong? Unfortunately for her, it isn’t the general she works for, but the general’s handsome and charming son who does not have the same standing as her and is desperately trying to impress a young woman to become his bride. As if pretending to be a maid isn’t hard enough, the young man comes up with the idea of having Patience act like a lady to convince the other young woman’s parents he is a good match. Enjoyable, humorous, and lots of romantic moments.

His Amiable Bride: A Featherbottom Chronicles Novella

By Kasey Stockton,

Book cover of His Amiable Bride: A Featherbottom Chronicles Novella

Why this book?

This was a sweet regency novella. I enjoyed the characters and plot, even though it was a bit rushed at times and the ending a bit abrupt, but it was a delightful read and kept me hooked enough that I wanted to know what would happen next. I will definitely be reading more from this author.

To Catch the Wind

By Charli West,

Book cover of To Catch the Wind

Why this book?

This book gives you all the feels, including aggression and anger toward the husband of the main character who is abusive and vile. Oh, I know that it is just fiction, but abusive swine like him exist and make me so angry. Despite that part, it is a beautiful story full of love and hope while facing the dangers of the Oregon Trail. I love the interactions between Ben and Lynn, even though he has to discover first that she is a girl, since she disguises herself as a man to escape her abusive husband. It is a good clean western romance with swoon-worthy moments and characters you either love or deeply hate. I loved reading it and I hope to dive into the author‘s other books soon.

Saving Shadow: A Regency Spy Romance

By Laura Beers,

Book cover of Saving Shadow: A Regency Spy Romance

Why this book?

For England's top spy, love is not an option. Well, that’s at least what the main character thinks, but Eliza quickly discovers that the partner she is paired up with makes falling in love suddenly a very possible option. It is a very interesting and captivating story with a twist because Lady Eliza happens to be the daughter of a duke, yet a secret spy for the crown. Her code name: Shadow. It is an action-packed story that keeps you on the edge of your seat while falling in love with the characters and swooning along the way. A must-read for regency lovers with the hint-feel of a thriller.

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