The best summer romance beach reads

Who am I?

I am a romance writer. I've written four contemporary romances with heat, heart, and humor and have a new series coming out in early 2023. I'm also an avid reader of romanceall genres from rom-com to historical to paranormal. I've been reading them since college and have devoured thousands of romance stories since my loved bloomed for them. I'm a firm believer I need to read stories to be able to write them—or maybe it's just an excuse to read more fantastic books and claim it's part of my writing process. Lol. Either way, it has allowed me to recommend romance stories to you with pleasure and ease.

I wrote...

Taste of Passion

By DK Marie,

Book cover of Taste of Passion

What is my book about?

Cindy Meier and Will Grimm are tasked with planning their sibling's weekend wedding party. The main issue isn't organizing the event but doing it together. They can't stand each other—sort of. Their snips and sparring entertain them more than either are willing to admit.

Forced together on the sunny beaches of Lake Michigan, their annoyance and amusement morph into something neither expected nor wanted—desire. When they give in to it, both agree this summer fling won't extend past the weekend. But once they're home, keeping their attraction at bay might prove impossible, and they'll have to decide if overcoming their difference is worth the passion they've tasted...

The books I picked & why

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The Unhoneymooners

By Christina Lauren,

Book cover of The Unhoneymooners

Why this book?

There isn’t a book these authors have written that I haven’t loved, their mix of humor, chemistry, and wonderful, relatable character are addicting. I’m a sucker for enemies-to-lovers so I adored this aspect of The Unhoneymooners. Plus, it makes a perfect beach read because the main characters spend a huge chunk of time on the beautiful beach of Hawaii. It made me want to book a trip there with TBR (to be read) pile in my suitcase.

Beach Read

By Emily Henry,

Book cover of Beach Read

Why this book?

With a title like that, it screams perfect beach read. I loved this book from start to finish. It’s another of my favorite enemies-to-lovers. Also, I adored the mix of serious matters and humor. It was perfectly balanced. It had me cheering for January and Gus. Not only for them to fall in love but also to make peace with their separate, equally painful pasts. Last, it was cool that both of the main characters were writers. For me, it gave me another level of relatability.

The Roommate

By Rosie Danan,

Book cover of The Roommate

Why this book?

There is so much to love about this book. Not only will it heat you up hotter than the summer sun, but it will make you laugh-out-loud! What I liked about this book besides the humor, steam, and compelling story was the sex-positive writing, the intimacy, and the sex-worker storyline. I love the message of women seeking, finding, and expecting pleasure from their lovers. This needs to be in more books! It is one that is overlooked and detrimental to relationships. Last, I adored the characters, especially Josh. He was so damn sweet and sexy but flawed enough to feel real. Another aspect I enjoyed was the opposites attract theme (it's another one of my favorites), and it doesn't get more opposite than an adult entertainer and blue blood under her parent's thumb.

A Crazy Kind of Love

By Mary Ann Marlowe,

Book cover of A Crazy Kind of Love

Why this book?

This is a book that you’ll love to read pool or beachside. Just bring lots of sunscreen as this story is hard to put down. I adore the characters; Jo and Micah were fun and interesting, but so were the secondary characters. I’m also a fan of books dealing with serious issues. This one touched on type 1 diabetes, multi-cultural upbringing, and transgender identity. Marlowe manages to keep it light and even funny while never losing sight of these important topics. Oh, and it had rock stars in it, always a treat for me!

The Happy Ever After Playlist

By Abby Jimenez,

Book cover of The Happy Ever After Playlist

Why this book?

This is such a great book! I loved it even more than the author's first (which was also very good). Though be warned you might get some side eyes if you read this one on the actual beach as it will have you laughing out loud one minute and swallowing back tears the next. I adore it when books are able to give me a wide range of emotions. This one might be a little heavier than the other books on my list, but the author does a fantastic job balancing humor and heartbreak. I recommend this book to those who love romance mixed with laughter and lots of heart.

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