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By Emily Henry,

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A romance writer who no longer believes in love and a literary writer stuck in a rut engage in a summer-long challenge that may just upend everything they believe about happily ever afters.…

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This book follows a writer named January, who goes to her father’s beach house that he shared with his mistress after his passing.

I love it when a character's backstory has a unique twist to it, and I could feel January’s pain and confusion as she navigated her father’s complicated past. We get to see January grow as a person and also have a romance with the writer next door.

Love stories with complex character growth are my bread and butter, and this was the novel that started it all for me. 

Ah…January and Gus. They are not fans of each other, and they’ll be neighbors all summer.

Little does January know, Gus is still carrying a major torch for her ever since college. Funny, engaging, and achingly romantic, this book is a go-to recommendation for everyone I know who gets a little squirrely about reading a romance.

But I’m telling you—the little touches, the lingering looks delivered by a very tightly wound hand-flexer—our Gus—brought me to my knees with how I swooned. If you’ve never checked out one of Emily Henry’s books, this is the one to start with. 

Now that you’re acclimated to the s-e-x, you’re going to chuckle at how silly you were, thinking there was some massive divide between Books of Literary Merit and Books That Make You Happy. In fact, that’s actually the plot of the novel itself: a Literary author and a Women’s Fiction author challenge each other to write a book in the other’s category and sparks fly. A deliciously meta romp of, yes, impeccable literary merit.

January is a romance writer who has lost faith in love, even though she writes about it. Augustus is a cynical literary fiction writer who doesn’t believe true love really exists. The only thing January and Augustus have in common is a dose of writer’s block. So, when they find themselves living next door to each other, they challenge each other to write in each other’s genre with often hilarious, fractious, and romantic results. As the title suggests, this effervescent book is perfect for reading on a sunny holiday.

From Phaedra's list on the power of books and reading.

With a title like that, it screams perfect beach read. I loved this book from start to finish. It’s another of my favorite enemies-to-lovers. Also, I adored the mix of serious matters and humor. It was perfectly balanced. It had me cheering for January and Gus. Not only for them to fall in love but also to make peace with their separate, equally painful pasts. Last, it was cool that both of the main characters were writers. For me, it gave me another level of relatability.

From DK's list on summer romance beach reads.

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