The best children’s books for dog lovers

Elizabeth Suneby Author Of No Room for a Pup!
By Elizabeth Suneby

Who am I?

Growing up, my brothers and I begged for a dog, but our parents never gave in. Fortunately, when my kids begged for a pup, my husband and I gave in. So, as a children’s book writer, I wanted to give kids a book to help them convince their parents that there’s always room for a pup in the family, and at the same time, subtly emphasize the importance of gratitude and inclusion.  

I wrote...

No Room for a Pup!

By Elizabeth Suneby, Laurel Molk,

Book cover of No Room for a Pup!

What is my book about?

Warning parents, No Room for a Pup! book could convince you to get a dog. Mia wants a dog more than anything. Her mom insists there is no room in their tiny apartment. One day, Mia falls in love with a small pup. With help from Grandma --- and her pet-owning friends --- can Mia convince her mom they have enough room?

Think “I-want-a-dog” story meets classic Yiddish folk tale about how things could always be worse --- to comic effect! With action-packed narrative and illustrations, this is a terrific read-aloud. The nonpreachy messages about the importance of gratitude, generosity, and the inclusion of others --- “there's always room for one more” --- resonate. 

The books I picked & why

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Hound Won't Go

By Lisa Rogers, Meg Ishihara (illustrator),

Book cover of Hound Won't Go

Why this book?

Hound Won’t Go reminds us that dogs, like people, have unique minds of their own. (And despite all the training in the world, that we aren’t ever totally in control of our lovable four-legged friends.) The rhyming sparse text is fun for reluctant and new readers to read and listen to – again and again.

Cat Dog Dog: The Story of a Blended Family

By Nelly Buchet, Andrea Zuill (illustrator),

Book cover of Cat Dog Dog: The Story of a Blended Family

Why this book?

With two simple words--“dog” and “cat”-- in several configurations, Cat Dog Dog explores the stress of settling into a blended family as well as the power of pets to bring people together. If a child can recognize these two three-letter words, they can read this book independently. The illustrations are worth a thousand words.

Martha Speaks

By Susan Meddaugh,

Book cover of Martha Speaks

Why this book?

Martha Speaks is a classic for good reason. How can you not get attached to a dog who is fed vegetable soup that goes to her brain, not her stomach, and then is able to speak--incessantly? This fun book is the basis for the Emmy-nominated PBS TV series of the same name. Read and watch away!

There Might Be Lobsters

By Carolyn Crimi, Laurel Molk (illustrator),

Book cover of There Might Be Lobsters

Why this book?

There Might Be Lobsters is a great book to help kids face their fears. They can learn from Sukie, a small dog who is afraid of many, many, many things. When Sukie overcomes her anxieties to save her beloved stuffed animal friend, the book shows kids how love can save the day.

The Dog Encyclopedia for Kids

By Tammy Gagne,

Book cover of The Dog Encyclopedia for Kids

Why this book?

When is an encyclopedia a fun read?  When it introduces you to 150 plus dog breeds with photographs, fun facts, and an overview of physical and behavioral characteristics. The Dog Encyclopedia for Kids is the perfect book to help you find your perfect pet. Yes, there’s definitely a dog for everyone. 

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