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By Napoleon Hill,

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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is one of the bestselling motivational books of all-time. Inspired by a suggestion from industrialist Andrew Carnegie, Hill explains the philosophy that helped the wealthiest and most accomplished members of society succeed.

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Think and Grow Rich is one of the best books of all time – a true class for achieving super success and wealth.

Napoleon Hill shows you how to get ahead and build wealth. The idea is that successful, wealthy people found the way and we can too. Hill believes that how you think and use the knowledge and experience you accumulate along your journey drives your success.

He explains the importance of desire and faith and gaining specialized knowledge. He emphasizes organized planning, making decisions and taking action, and sticking with it. Hill shares stories based on his interviews…

Originally published in 1937, Think and Grow Rich has been referred to as the “Granddaddy of All Motivational Literature”. 

Napoleon Hill is one of the most famous of all teachers of success who spent a fortune and the better part of a lifetime of effort to produce the "Law of Success" philosophy that forms the basis of his books and is powerfully summarized in this one. In his original version, Hill draws on stories of Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and other millionaires of his generation to illustrate his principles.

The updated version by Arthur R. Pell Ph.D., interweaves…

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Think and Grow Rich is a self-help book that was written by Napoleon Hill and first published in 1937.

The book is still one of the bestselling books of all time. For me it changed my perspective on why I should have wealth and how it is selfish not to get rich.

It also taught me self-discipline, and the importance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals. Not only did it change my perspective on wealth it changed how I viewed people with money and how they attained it.

The book has sold millions of copies worldwide and has been recommended…

Although this book was written 86 years ago, the ideas in it are timeless. Much of what was written back then is still relevant today, and I guess that is what makes this book a classic.

This is a story as well as a road map for finding success in business and in life. It doesn’t focus only on financial success but ties into the importance of finding a definiteness of purpose. Lastly, you cannot overlook the author's deep level of commitment to his purpose and his willingness to do whatever it took to accomplish it! 

After reading this book, I realized that I was actually repelling wealth. In order to transform your reality, you need to reprogram your subconscious mind. What you think becomes reality. The author teaches specific principles but it is up to the reader to apply them. You’ll need to write daily goals and affirm them aloud daily. My copy is full of highlights, notes, and annotations. There are too many nuggets of wisdom to mention. If you want to attract abundance in your life, this is the first book you need to read!

For those wishing to succeed in life, I highly recommend reading Think and Grow Rich, an inspirational classic that will surely change the way you think and do things. This book is one of my favorites because it reveals the secrets of rich and powerful men who have made enormous contributions to this world. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. asked this question once: “What is your life’s blueprint? Whenever a building is constructed, you usually have an architect who draws a blueprint, and that blueprint serves as the pattern, as the guide, and a building is not well erected…

As “ancient” as this book is, the messages in it are both evergreen and priceless.

If you adopt the philosophies in this book, you will become more confident, more focused, and successful!

At times it can be easy to become distracted by unimportant things, and caught up in vicious cycles of procrastination and negative self-talk. This will affect your productivity, and your ability to make progress.

I used the advice in this book as motivation, and to benchmark the author’s instruction against my current behaviours and ways of thinking. I really enjoyed spending time reflecting on the guidance offered in…

The all-time best-selling classic of how to make yourself rich just by changing your habitual thinking. Almost everyone you know has read this—and most of them have a copy on their shelves. Most of the best-known successes credit reading this to their success. He studied the 500 top money-makers of his day and distilled what they considered made their own success into a single set of just over a dozen principles. Yes, my own copy is dogeared, tabbed, highlighted, and underlined.

This book was published in 1937, and like Carnegie’s classic, came out in the midst of the Great Depression. The book launched motivational literature. Napoleon (such a cool first name) offers thirteen principles for success, including be a continuous learner and have an unshakeable belief in one’s self. My favorite principle is to be persistent. Stay determined. Aspirando et Perseverando.

A truly timeless book by Napoleon Hill, who first opened the world’s eyes to the limitless nature of our thoughts and the power they hold to create happiness and freedom in our lives. This book reaches further than its title, introducing principles that can be applied to any aspect of life.

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