The Power of Habit

By Charles Duhigg,

Book cover of The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

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A lot of our behavior is behavior we have learned to do without even realizing we are doing it. A lot of our behavior is actually a series of habits. We think that habits are hard to change, but actually, they aren’t. Think about it. You have dozens of things you do every day that are habitual (the route you use to drive to work or school, where you put your keys when you leave your home…). Do you even remember creating that habit? Probably not. So it couldn’t be that hard to create a habit. Duhigg explains the science…

From Susan's list on understanding human behavior.

If you want to change and improve your habits – whether dealing with existing bad habits relating to alcohol, chocolate, or screen-time (I’m looking at myself…) or understanding and improving your behaviour with exercise or work/life balance (still looking at me) – I recommend starting with The Marshmallow Effect and then following immediately with The Power of Habit. The very worst that can happen is that your bad habits continue but you understand why! But much more likely is that you gain insights that will change your life for the better. It’s a perfect blend of science, common sense,…

First published in 2012, The Power of Habit still occasionally pops up on bestseller lists. That's because it is timeless in many ways. Do you think you understand why you do things the way you do them? Charles Duhigg shows through engaging vignettes that many habits are formed unconsciously, explains the science behind them, and tells how people and companies can change and harness them for success. Like how getting workers to focus on important "keystone" habits can make a huge difference in getting desired results. Or the value of instilling shared habits so everybody on a team works in…

From Lawrence's list on entrepreneurs and innovation.

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