The Iliad

By Gareth Hinds,

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The Iliad is not a book on strategy. Nor on tactics, nor on logistics, nor on command and control, nor on any other individual aspect of warfare about which any number of lesser authors have written. An epic poem, it provides an unparalleled panorama of men (and, playing a secondary yet crucially important role, a few women) at war: the hope, the despair, the fear, the elation, the kindness, the rage, the horror, the love and the sex (which both increases the horror and to some extent makes up for it). All intertwined, and all pulsating along with the human…

From Martin's list on on war, full stop.

Gareth Hinds is a prolific adapter from Beowolf to Poe to Shakespeare. He doesn’t shy away from a momentous task like adapting The Odyssey or The Iliad which I find quite inspiring. At times, I was overwhelmed at the idea of drawing the elaborate party scenes in The Great Gatsby, but then I reminded myself that it was nothing compared to the epic battle scenes that Hinds had to draw. What I enjoyed most about Hinds' adaptation was how it elucidated the often bizarre relationships between the gods and mortals and helped me understand The Iliad in a new…

From K.'s list on graphic novel adaptations.

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