Sun Tzu's The Art of War

By Sun Tzu, Lionel Giles (translator),

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A new edition of the trusted Lionel Giles translation of the Ancient Chinese treatise on warfare. It has defined the tactics and strategies on the battlefield and more recently the business world, for the last 2500 years.

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This book is about the art of war, the artistry of war, and the thinking behind war. In The Best And The Brightest David Halberstam documents how the people running the Vietnam War had no grasp of what war was. And, they were going up against Ho Chi Minh who translated this book from Chinese to Vietnamese and ingrained the concepts into his soldiers. 

The Americans had all the technology and industry that was possible during this era. They had machine guns, bombs, aircraft, and helicopters. They were building ports, warehouses, flying over ping pong tables, ice-cold Coca Cola machines,…

From James' list on war and what it all means.

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