Start With Why

By Simon Sinek,

Book cover of Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

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'It's amazing how a book can change the course of your life, and this book did that' Reader Review

'Imagine the Ted Talk expanded to 2 hours long, with more depth,…

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Through his TED talk and Start With Why, Simon Sinek created a “purpose” movement around the globe that spanned people and business.

Although most of the buzz around Sinek’s model has been about “finding your why,” The Golden Circle includes more than this. The three layers of why (purpose) that sit at its core are followed by how (actions) and what (results of actions). 

Using well-known leaders and companies as examples, this book illustrates a pathway for growth that applies both to individuals and to corporations.

In essence, understanding why you are in business beyond making profit is the…

One of the most common pain points faced by people looking to start a side hustle is not knowing what one to choose. While Start with Why is largely looked at as a leadership book, I found it to be pivotal in picking my side hustle. This book shows you how to find your “why,” or your purpose. By figuring this out, you can tie this back in with your side hustle to do something that really matters. This will help you to stick it out when the times get tough. 

From Ryan's list on how to get a side hustle started.

As my journey in personal growth continued, there came a time when I realised that the hard physical, practical approach was just one area I had to master if I was to steer my life to the heights I dreamed for myself.

This is when I thought about meaning and the more intangible areas of success, such as motivation, desire, deeply held beliefs, and limiting thoughts.

It is easy to stumble into the strange and esoteric within this area of literature, therefore I cannot recommend Simon Sinek’s book highly enough. 

It is a no-nonsense sensible work that will help you…

One of the most important of the last two decades, this book set a movement going. Starting With Why is really about purpose and I found it brought the topic alive. It’s not just about how great leaders inspire others by having a clear sense of why, but it can be seen as one of the main sparks for igniting the same question in whole organisations. The purpose movement is now irresistible: investors demand that organisations are clear about it and so do customers and other stakeholders. As a guide to asking the same question personally, I think this book…

From Anne and Paul's list on making a difference in public relations.

When preparing for a keynote with a corporation I will ask their executive team who was their speaker last year? More times than not the answer is Simon Sinek. 

So often when I speak with companies, they can easily articulate what they do and how they plan to execute their goals. But as Simon Sinek points out in Start with Why, many companies overlook the why. Sinek showcases a multitude of examples to highlight, not only why it’s important to know and understand your purpose but, to begin with your purpose. Today’s most successful and influential companies are not…

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