NLP at Work

By Sue Knight,

Book cover of NLP at Work: The Difference that Makes the Difference

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'This book may help you to understand life more clearly' Paul Smith, fashion designer

Welcome to THE book on NLP. The essence of NLP is the ability to study and reproduce excellence in yourself and to support others to do the same. NLP AT WORK helps you do that by…

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Sue Knight's book has positively impacted my approach to communication, blending Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with real-world applications. Knight's engaging style and practical insights, especially on 'Meta-messages,' have profoundly improved my communication skills.

This book is more than just theory; it's a practical guide that has made my interactions more effective and empathetic. Knight's passion for NLP shines through, making this a transformative read for anyone looking to enhance their communication prowess.

Knight provides a clear and useful introduction to NLP and how it can effectively be used in a work environment. The person next to you may experience an event or the world around them quite differently from you. Hence you need to adjust your communication for them to buy into your ideas. Discover how to create an environment of safety so the other person will truly hear your message and assist you in discovering what is important to them. Other topics include: being more resourceful, improving your negotiation skills, giving and receiving feedback, and high-performance coaching.

From Roger's list on neuro-linguistic programming.

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