Monster Hunter International

By Larry Correia,

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I found this book so much fun! Great action and humor when an accountant and total supernatural skeptic wakes up in a hospital with no memory of murdering his boss-turned-werewolf in self-defense. Turns out all the monsters are real! He gets a job offer while in the hospital to work for…  Monster Hunter International.

From Mark's list on heroic journies.

Owen Pitt probably thought he’d be arrested for pushing his boss out of a fourteenth-story window; instead, he wakes up in the hospital five days later and learns that monsters are not mere legend—they are real. In comes a job offer from Monster International, which eradicates magical threats lurking in the shadows. 

As a kid, I always loved fantastical stories that weaved in the “what if?” questions with my imagination. This enjoyable series opens up that wondrous world in a unique way.

I love Larry’s cheeky sense of humor. Sometimes you just need a book with irredeemable bad guys that you can kill with no moral dilemma. Also, he has strong, sensible women, as opposed to the “spunky” type who do stupid things like pick berries in werewolf-infested woods to prove they’re tough. I admire a woman who can handle a sniper rifle, a family, and run a company. Plus, trailer park elves and gangster gnomes. Makes me smile every time.

From Autumn's list on escaping a stressful day.

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