The best poetry books where you can find pieces of you throughout the verses

Maria Tzoutzopoulou Author Of something like
By Maria Tzoutzopoulou

Who am I?

I have created art from an early age. Years later, my studies in civil engineering allowed me to combine my love for the arts with my belief in an orderly world. Meanwhile, reading and writing have always been my favorite pursuits. While collaborating as an editor with other authors, assisting them in their writing endeavors, in 2014, I wrote and published my first book. Sharing my writing on Instagram gave birth to the idea of my first poetry book, something like, published in 2018. Since then, two more poetry collections have been published: A TriAngle in 2019 and something like in reverse in 2020.

I wrote...

something like

By Maria Tzoutzopoulou,

Book cover of something like

What is my book about?

something like is my endeavor to spin the words, like the threads of a delicate fabric, to weave something like poetry, something like silk.

The books I picked & why

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By Pierre Alex Jeanty, TreManda Pewett (illustrator),

Book cover of Her

Why this book?

If there is a manual for men on how to treat women with love, care, and most importantly, respect, then this is it. 

Of course, it takes great courage for a man to read every page carefully and then generously give a woman what she deserves without selfishness. 

I love that Pierre Alex Jeanty shares his wisdom from a man's perspective, and I wish a substantial male audience would read Her.

Of Yesteryear

By Lauren Eden,

Book cover of Of Yesteryear

Why this book?

I love the way Lauren Eden describes everything about a relationship, from its beginning to its end, through her verses. 

The love and heartbreak are presented realistically and vividly. I felt as if I had participated in this relationship until its very end.

Only an artist who knows how to use precise and precious (for this theme) words can create a masterpiece that you want to reread when you need it the most.

Pillow Thoughts

By Courtney Peppernell,

Book cover of Pillow Thoughts

Why this book?

This is a book full of enthusiasm and optimism, even when describing the darkest parts of life. Honestly, the pain hurt less after reading this book. 

It was a one-sitting read, and I thought there was a conversation between Courtney Peppernell and me the whole time. 

It felt as if my best friend and I were talking.

Letters to My Lover from Behind Asylum Walls

By Robin Sinclair,

Book cover of Letters to My Lover from Behind Asylum Walls

Why this book?

Every letter of "Sweet Jane'' to her lover "Eleanor" could be a letter written to the person you love the most but you cannot be with, a letter to the person you think of to escape from your hard reality when isolated. 

In each of those letters, I found the memories of the loved one blended with the day-to-day survival, written impeccably by Robin Sinclair, because I could sense the agony and the despair when all one has left is a pen, paper, and feelings.

Self Love Poetry: For Thinkers & Feelers

By Melody Godfred,

Book cover of Self Love Poetry: For Thinkers & Feelers

Why this book?

While reading this book, I have been trying to figure out what I am: 

a thinker or a feeler. Melody Godfred chooses a fascinating way to write this book. So on the left page, she writes for a thinker (a left-brained person), and on the right page, she writes for a feeler (a right-brained person). 

I will have to count the number of pages representing me as I go through the pages to find out which hemisphere of my brain is dominant, the left or the right.

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