The best picture books about sleepovers

The Books I Picked & Why

Crystal Is My Friend

By Shirley Gordon, Edward Frascino

Book cover of Crystal Is My Friend

Why this book?

What are the compromises you make when your best friend sleeps over? As the host, must you let your friend decide everything you do? This is a realistic story about friendship. Kids will understand the feelings that Susan has as she reluctantly lets her friend, Crystal, call the shots. It’s a lively story with fun, loose illustrations by Edward Frascino.

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Ira Sleeps Over

By Bernard Waber

Book cover of Ira Sleeps Over

Why this book?

A lighthearted take on the embarrassment a child feels when they want to bring their comfort stuffed animal to a sleepover. There’s a taunting older sibling, and a happy ending, of course, when Ira discovers that his friend has a favorite stuffed animal too. Bernard Warber combines recognizable and universal emotion with humor.

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Sleepover with Beatrice and Bear

By Mônica Carnesi

Book cover of Sleepover with Beatrice and Bear

Why this book?

Beatrice and Bear are two very different animals who, despite those differences, play together all summer and fall. When winter comes and it’s time for Bear to hibernate, Beatrice, a bunny, wants to hibernate too. Of course, she’s way too active to sleep all winter. How can she share her winter with Bear? By making a scrapbook with pictures of all the things she does while he’s sleeping! When Bear wakes, she shares her winter adventures with him. Beatrice’s scrapbook “was the perfect gift to read together again and again.” Charming illustrations, and an endearing tale about enduring friendship.

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Froggy's Sleepover

By Jonathan London, Frank Remkiewicz

Book cover of Froggy's Sleepover

Why this book?

First off, I love Jonathan London’s illustration style. Froggy is a goofy, energetic animal character with his own series. In this story, he’s fired up and packing for a sleepover at Max’s house. But bedtime is different at Max’s, where Froggy’s comfy routine is upended. When Max starts telling ghost stories, Froggy wants to go home. And so, they decide to sleep over at Froggy’s instead. Then it’s Max who feels out of place and wants to go home. So, it’s back to Max’s. Then back and forth between houses until morning, when, finally, they fall asleep at Max’s. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable to be away from home--a common feeling told with humor.

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Thank You and Good Night

By Patrick McDonnell

Book cover of Thank You and Good Night

Why this book?

This is a lullaby of a book. Cozy all the way through. Three adorable animal friends spend the night together playing, doing yoga and the chicken dance, watching a shooting star, and, before drifting to sleep, giving thanks for the many things they are grateful for. The comforting sounds of the words are reminiscent of Goodnight Moon. The illustrations are graceful and simple. Patrick McDonnell is peerless.

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