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Alyson Chase Author Of Disciplined by the Duke
By Alyson Chase

Who am I?

I grew up reading nothing but mystery novels, which is why when I discovered romance, I found the ones I liked the best had a bit of intrigue to them. As Alyson Chase, I write Regency romances I like to read: full of adventure and mystery, deep emotional connections, and, yes, quite a bit naughty. Character is the most important thing to me, whether as a writer or reader, and the books on this list are full of characters you can’t help but fall in love with.

I wrote...

Disciplined by the Duke

By Alyson Chase,

Book cover of Disciplined by the Duke

What is my book about?

The day her sister murdered their abusive father, Elizabeth Wilcox stopped being a gentleman’s daughter. Willing to do anything to save her sister from the hangman’s noose, now she is a spy... A servant. A liar. A submissive.

Masquerading as a parlor maid in the Duke of Montague’s estate, Liz is willing to risk all to uncover the secrets that would save her sister. But submitting to the duke’s peculiar brand of discipline surprises her with a heady mixture of pleasure and pain. Eager to relinquish control of her messy life, Liz soon craves the rough hands of Montague and his powerful, passionate attentions. Can she succumb to the hot sting of his hand and the gentleness of his kisses without revealing her darkest secrets?

The books I picked & why

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Mastering the Marquess

By Lavinia Kent,

Book cover of Mastering the Marquess

Why this book?

Lavinia Kent takes the reader on a beautiful journey of exploration in this book. I loved the hero and heroine straight from the start; you can’t help but root for them. Louisa desperately wants to save her dead husband’s reputation, so goes to a madam for assistance in ridding herself of her virginity before she remarries. Swanston is the man given the task. The scene when these two anonymously come together is sexy and moving.

A month later, Swanston finds himself needing a wife, and little does he know, but the woman he marries was the woman he had bedded. I liked how this book wasn’t too angsty, as many in the genre are, and how Kent dove into the reasons Swanston has for his need for control. 

Pride and Pleasure

By Sylvia Day,

Book cover of Pride and Pleasure

Why this book?

I know Sylvia Day is known for her Crossfire series, but I love her historical romance novels. Pride and Pleasure is marked with sharp banter (I’m a sucker for banter), a mild but solid mystery, and lots of heat. Eliza is smart and determined, a worthy foil for Jasper, a detective bent on revenge. They are two very different people but you can see how well they suit. Neither of them is looking for love, but you can practically feel the gravitational pull drawing them together. So while it didn’t have much in common with Pride and Prejudice, which was why I initially picked it up, it was such a good read I wasn’t disappointed.

Sutton's Spinster

By Scarlett Scott,

Book cover of Sutton's Spinster

Why this book?

One of the tropes I always one-click is the well-bred lady with an earthy, pull-himself-up-by-the-bootstraps kind of guy. Sutton’s Spinster gives you all that and more. Jasper has built his wealth by running a successful gaming hell. When two young daughters land on his doorstep, he finds himself in need of a wife. Octavia dreams of creating a gossip journal, but needs a partner to provide the start-up funds. The heat between these two lights up the pages. I love how Jasper reacts to suddenly becoming a father, and how he transforms from a hard and cutthroat businessman to something softer because of Octavia. Scarlett Scott delivered with this one.

A Season for Treason

By Golden Angel,

Book cover of A Season for Treason

Why this book?

This book has everything. Spies and intrigue. Friendship and family. And some spanking, sexy good times. There is a lightness to the book, a sweetness along with the steam that had me immediately buying the rest in the series. I loved how even though Mary tried her hardest to go unnoticed, Rex saw through her façade to the complex woman underneath. And I had to laugh when Rex rushes to Mary’s rescue only to find she and one of her friends have already taken down the bad guy. His disbelief was priceless. A thoroughly charming and spicy read.

The Raven Prince

By Elizabeth Hoyt,

Book cover of The Raven Prince

Why this book?

Elizabeth Hoyt was the first historical romance writer I read, and she hooked me on the genre. The Raven Prince is probably my favorite of hers. I love how the meet-cute is actually more of a meet-hate, and how Anna pursues her own happiness with guts and determination, even when Edward has his head firmly planted where the sun don’t shine. This book is also notable for the fact the hero has noticeable scars that to the casual eye might make him unattractive. There is a realism to the couple that you don’t find in a lot of historical romances. Definitely a top pick.

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