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Valerie Ormond Author Of Believing In Horses Out West
By Valerie Ormond

Who am I?

I’ve been in love with horses since I was a toddler and have read more horse books than I can count. My favorite books are about horses and their humans – the bond that holds us together. No other animal reads a human’s soul like the horse does, and it’s one of the reasons for their success in equine-assisted activities and therapy programs. I’ve written horse stories since childhood and am proud of my three award-winning books in the Believing In Horses series featuring horse rescue, equine assisted activities, show competition, and dude ranches. I hope to create and inspire more horse and human connections through my stories.

I wrote...

Believing In Horses Out West

By Valerie Ormond,

Book cover of Believing In Horses Out West

What is my book about?

Sadie Navarro rescued a mare from an auction accomplishing what she thought was the most important mission of her young life. Now, that mare is headed to a ranch in Montana and a home Sadie knows nothing about. She wants to make sure the horse is in good hands, but Montana is far away and a different world from Maryland. Will fourteen-year-old Sadie need to stand up to rugged cowboys to protect her special rescue horse?

The books I picked & why

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Sgt. Reckless: America's War Horse

By Robin Hutton,

Book cover of Sgt. Reckless: America's War Horse

Why this book?

I love this book and true story commemorating an almost forgotten hero of the Korean War - a Thoroughbred mare. The author tells the tale with phenomenal detail, and her passion for the subject shines through. Robin Hutton’s thorough research and descriptions of first-hand accounts about the battles and the brave hero horse made this book rise to the top of my list. It may help that I am a Navy veteran (and Sgt. Reckless was a Marine), a horse enthusiast, and was stationed in Korea, where the war is not forgotten.

The Sea Horse Trade: A Nikki Latrelle Mystery

By Sasscer Hill,

Book cover of The Sea Horse Trade: A Nikki Latrelle Mystery

Why this book?

What’s not to like about a racehorse mystery written by a former amateur jockey, horse breeder, and mystery writer? The author, Sasscer Hill, also hails from my home state of Maryland! I’ve read all of her books, and this one, in particular, grabbed my attention due to the human trafficking aspect. Hill spins a good yarn while creating characters one loves or hates and places them authentically in the horse racing world. If you want heart-stopping action from start to finish, you will enjoy The Sea Horse Trade.

Olympic Gold for Cat and Toby

By Sharon Roberts,

Book cover of Olympic Gold for Cat and Toby

Why this book?

Olympic Gold for Toby and Cat is a middle-grade book about a young girl suffering a tragedy and discovering her strengths through perseverance. After Cat wakes up in the hospital with an amputated leg below the knee, she wants to give up. With therapeutic riding, the tables start to turn.

But everything does not go well at the farm. Cat is conspicuously aware of her injury, and a mean rival doesn’t make things easy for her. Cat’s ready to call it quits until she’s introduced to Toby, a black and white pinto horse who will change her attitude and help her reach for new dreams. Author Sharon Roberts knows both horses and people as the founder of the wildly popular Aging Horsewomen Intl.™ Facebook Page with over 57,000 dedicated members!

Red Rock Ranch: Lucy's Chance

By Brittney Joy,

Book cover of Red Rock Ranch: Lucy's Chance

Why this book?

I really enjoyed this young adult novel and felt I traveled back in time to my younger self while reading it. The author’s characters, particularly Lucy, speak to readers' emotions, and Brittney Joy winds them into a good plot and a compelling story. I almost read this in one sitting and ordered the next in the series shortly thereafter. I’ve now read all three, and each is unique, while readers get to meet up with some of the same characters and watch them grow. A great read for horse lovers and those who appreciate “sweet romance,” no matter the age.

Show Pen Promise: In The Reins Equestrian Romance Series Book 3

By Carly Kade,

Book cover of Show Pen Promise: In The Reins Equestrian Romance Series Book 3

Why this book?

In author Carly Kade’s third book in this equestrian Western romance series, heroine Devon and hero McKennon’s exciting relationship rides to the next level. Each character continues to develop as Devon challenges herself in the show ring, and McKennon challenges himself in deciding to manage her safety while still striving for the win. The books can be read as standalone sequels, but I highly recommended them all. Each brings in new emotions, additional insights into characters, and an intriguing plot to keep readers engaged. This book happened to be my personal favorite as I empathized with Devon’s horse showing nerves and wanted to stand in her corner and cheer her on.

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