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Blue Delliquanti Author Of Meal
By Blue Delliquanti

Who am I?

I love writing about food, and it appears as a motif in nearly every comic I've ever drawn. Comics are an exceptional medium for discussing food – a talented artist can render a drawing into something that looks delicious, but they can tie it into a story that gives the dish meaning or connects to a particular character's inner life. With Meal I had the opportunity to tell a story about a kind of cuisine that delights me, but that most people know very little about – and I turned to my favorite comics about food for inspiration on how to translate that joy from the plate to the page.

I wrote...


By Blue Delliquanti, Soleil Ho,

Book cover of Meal

What is my book about?

Meal is about a young chef named Yarrow who has just moved to town to achieve her dream job: working in a new restaurant that specializes in insect dishes. But what does she need to learn about this niche cuisine to earn the head chef's approval?

The books I picked & why

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Cook Korean!: A Comic Book with Recipes

By Robin Ha,

Book cover of Cook Korean!: A Comic Book with Recipes

Why this book?

Korean food has quickly become one of my favorite cuisines to make and enjoy, and I owe a lot to Ha's book for making that possible. This is an excellent visual guide for wannabe cooks who want to check how finely to chop their ingredients or identify unfamiliar vegetables at the store – and Ha's beautiful art showcases the bright, inviting colors of Korean banchan while making it personal to her own journey with the dishes.

Silver Spoon, Vol. 1

By Hiromu Arakawa,

Book cover of Silver Spoon, Vol. 1

Why this book?

A manga artist from Hokkaido, Japan's breadbasket, Arakawa's series about a burnt-out city kid enrolling in an agricultural high school on a whim is a hilarious, unrestrained crash course on what it takes to grow our food and get it to the table. If you love the tropes and beats of a high school story but from the nuanced perspective of an author well-acquainted with backbreaking chores, unglamorous farm life, and razor-thin margins for error, Silver Spoon is the series for you.

Hot Dog Taste Test

By Lisa Hanawalt,

Book cover of Hot Dog Taste Test

Why this book?

Hanawalt's trademark watercolor style is a perfect match for rendering food, especially her whimsical observations. Whether it's an illustrated taxonomy of NYC street food or a page dedicated to her anxious “incorrect” opinions on how she likes her eggs, the vibrant shapes and colors invite you to stop and think about your usual meals in an offbeat way.

Delicious in Dungeon, Volume 1

By Ryoko Kui,

Book cover of Delicious in Dungeon, Volume 1

Why this book?

I'm no stranger to the tropes and pitfalls of the Dungeons & Dragons campaign or fantasy video game, but Delicious in Dungeon proves there is plenty of ground left to tread in this genre. A team of dungeon crawlers face a long journey in an ever-changing subterranean maze to rescue a comrade, but discover they can progress by eating the creatures they encounter on the way. By reimagining the dungeon as a vibrant ecosystem, and classic monsters like griffins and slimes as wild game with their own flavors (and nutritional value!), Kui subverts a tired genre and makes it fresh and unpredictable – and incredibly funny.

Yummy: A History of Desserts

By Victoria Grace Elliott,

Book cover of Yummy: A History of Desserts

Why this book?

This recent release is a deep dive for young readers into the history of popular desserts, from brownies to biscotti. The gorgeous colors and charming character design make Yummy a joy to page through, but it's a great way to introduce to kids that people are responsible for the foods that we love – and sometimes our favorite dishes were complete accidents!

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