The best Christmas children’s picture books that show kindness and helping others

Who am I?

I am a writer, educator, and mother. Finding books in local libraries or bookstores is necessary so children will read a diverse assortment of stories that teach a lesson and engage their interest. I’ve found that all young children at home and in schools like books with interesting pictures that they can follow along. Children want to share stories and have time to read and absorb the content. Sometimes children see details in illustrations that adults might not notice. Kids learn in different ways. These books will capture the child’s attention and teach about kindness, friendship, and determination.

I wrote...

Piper the Elf Rides a Reindeer

By Colleen Driscoll, Brian Dumm (illustrator),

Book cover of Piper the Elf Rides a Reindeer

What is my book about?

When a new visitor comes to the North Pole, Piper the Elf learns about patience as she struggles to teach the stubborn reindeer, Stomper, how to fly. Throughout the story, Piper shows perseverance and a growth mindset in helping her new friend learn how to fly. Despite Piper's efforts, Stomper refuses to cooperate, and Santa leaves on Christmas Eve without the little reindeer. When Piper discovers Santa forgot to pack a special gift, Stomper pushes past his fear and flies Piper and the gift to Santa. Piper and the young reindeer discover the special gift was for Stomper. Santa can be tricky as well as jolly! 

The books I picked & why

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The Magical Christmas Horse

By Mary Higgins Clark, Wendell Minor (illustrator),

Book cover of The Magical Christmas Horse

Why this book?

This story about the love between siblings warms my heart. After an older brother makes a promise to his younger brother regarding a keepsake toy that had been in the family for generations, the toy is found in disrepair. The older brother is heartbroken that the toy which meant so much to him cannot be cherished by his brother. Unbeknownst to the older boy, his father and grandfather work all day before Christmas to repair the toy and place it under the tree on Christmas. A great story about how important a special toy is for children and adults.

Santa Mouse, Where Are You?

By Michael Brown, Elfrieda De Witt (illustrator),

Book cover of Santa Mouse, Where Are You?

Why this book?

I like how Santa Mouse, Santa’s little mouse friend, wrapped a special present and took good care of it, despite falling from Santa’s sleigh and getting lost. Santa Mouse wouldn’t let the present out of his grip until he found a special Christmas tree inside a house with a special light to set the present on. The book shows the reader the importance of using care to protect something treasured. Santa Mouse’s determination pays off. This is a great message for kids.

Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star

By Horacek Petr,

Book cover of Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star

Why this book?

I loved this story and how Suzy was willing to go the extra mile to make Christmas special for her friends. Suzy is a caring goose who would do anything to make the outside Christmas tree aglow with the brightest star in the sky. When she flies off hilltops and wanders far away from her friends, she doesn’t stay lost very long as her friend's onomatopoeia calls lead her back home, and Suzy discovers a special surprise on the tree. The book shows miracles do happen.

Snow Sounds

By David A. Johnson,

Book cover of Snow Sounds

Why this book?

Snow Sounds may seem like a simple book on onomatopoeia, but the beautiful illustrations tell their own story of community workers, a boy, and the boy’s family working together to make sure the boy can get to school on time and deliver a specially wrapped gift. Readers will smile at the illustrations as they absorb the story’s message. 

Bear Stays Up for Christmas

By Karma Wilson, Jane Chapman (illustrator),

Book cover of Bear Stays Up for Christmas

Why this book?

Bear Stays Up for Christmas skillfully portrays how friends will work together to help each other achieve their goals. The book also shows that each of us is unique, and we cannot be expected to do everything exactly the same as our friends. The message of kindness, friendship, acceptance is clear throughout the story.

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