The Neuroscience of You

By Chantel Prat,

Book cover of The Neuroscience of You: How Every Brain Is Different and How to Understand Yours

Book description

From University of Washington professor Chantel Prat comes The Neuroscience of You, a rollicking adventure into the human brain that reveals the surprising truth about neuroscience, shifting our focus from what’s average to an understanding of how every brain is different, exactly why our quirks are important, and what this…

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According to this book, I have a lopsided, quirky brain. I dive deep into the details.

Most people have those beautiful brains with balanced hemispheres, able to take in the big picture and keep it all in perspective. I’ve been envious all my life, but no more. Now I’m ok with being a lopsided, detail-diving nerd.

Dr. Chantel Pratt, a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Washington, gives a sense of just how big, unique and wonderfully complex the brain is.

The topic of neuroscience investigates an organ containing more than 80 billion neurons, with millions of them talking with…

The other books on this list are mostly about generalized understandings of how our brains work. But there is also important research being done about how our brain chemistry is highly individualized, differing from one person to another. Ever wonder why your ability to focus, to manage stress, to engage in “big picture” thinking is different from someone else? Prat lays out the science of individual brain differences in lively, easy-to-understand prose. The book offers glimpses of a future where bespoke psychological treatments and participation in collaborative efforts can be calibrated to our own unique neurochemistries.

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