The Lucifer Principle

By Howard Bloom,

Book cover of The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition Into the Forces of History

Book description

The Lucifer Principle is a revolutionary work that explores the intricate relationships among genetics, human behavior, and culture to put forth the thesis that “evil” is a by-product of nature’s strategies for creation and that it is woven into our most basic biological fabric.

In a sweeping narrative that moves…

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Popular social science books, at least the ones I have the chops to attempt, are either bromides that abrogate personal responsibility or childishly scandalous. Zipping back too far takes you to phrenology and social Darwinism. 

This is a unique attempt to explain social ills based on animalistic compulsions that draws on other work in history, psychology, zoology, and sociology. It’s as eclectic and cross-disciplinary as the author, who hopped from music publishing to public relations to writing.

It may not seem relevant to sobriety to recommend a book on how evil is rooted in man’s very existence, yet I find that both alcoholism and recovery are also rooted in my existence.

It’s a monolithic book, but more than half is Bloom citing his sources. The book challenged my view of the world thus influencing my view of recovery. The 12 Steps taught me that problems are basically of my own making and that self-responsibility is the only path to find my way out.

It is not possible to read his book and not see how we humans…

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