The Compound Effect

By Darren Hardy,

Book cover of The Compound Effect:  Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, Your Success

Book description

Do you want success? More success than you have now? And even more success than you ever imagined possible? That is what this book is about. Achieving it.   No gimmicks. No hyperbole. Finally, just the truth on what it takes to earn success   As the central curator of the success…

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Are you consistently inconsistent? In other words, do you have a sincere desire to start real estate investing, or scale your current business, but are constantly veering off-course because life keeps getting in the way? Me too. In this book you’ll learn the importance of making small, daily decisions that will, over time, result in exponential growth in your personal and financial life.

I’m a believer that ‘how you do anything is how you do everything.’ The Compound Effect shares how all of the little things we do on a daily basis compound like interest in a bank account… and either enhance or erode our ability to become the best version of ourselves. It illustrates how the decisions we make, both small and large, shape who we are and what we become. This is one of a handful of books I have read multiple times! 

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