The Art of War

By Sun Tzu, Skyhigh Publication (illustrator),

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Note: The chapters in the book are not in order and it is intentional.
This edition approved by the Holden-Crowther Organisation for Asian Studies.

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I really hesitated putting The Art of War on my list. It is almost cliché as a lot of pretentious students of business and entrepreneurs will have a copy of this book prominently displayed in their office or listed as an influence in their professional profiles.

However, the lessons in this book are simple and profound. When you cannot win the battle, do not engage with the enemy. While these seem like simple common sense insights, all business leaders should revisit them in their most simplest terms. There are too many books and resources that will take one of the…

From Cassmer's list on developing an entrepreneurial instinct.

Some three decades ago I was teaching this work to a postgraduate class. At one point a young woman raised her hand. Professor she said, you do not understand. This is a Daoist Text.

It was as if a hammer had hit me on the head! I knew, or thought I knew, what war is, and I knew, or thought I knew, what Daoism is. What had never occurred to me was to bring the two together. Morale versus materiel. Strength versus weakness. Force versus guile. Maximum versus minimum force. The full versus the empty. And vice versa, of course.…

From Martin's list on on war, full stop.

This is a 2500-year-old guide to warfare, attributed to a Chinese general. I don’t think this book actually helps with trading, although it seems to be a membership card into the order of traders. Have it on your bookshelf, and other traders will be impressed! It’s also a good reminder that trading is about discipline and strategy. Those are the first principles to success.

From Ann's list on for beginning traders.

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