The Art of Gathering

By Priya Parker,

Book cover of The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters

Book description

"Hosts of all kinds, this is a must-read!" --Chris Anderson, owner and curator of TED
From the host of the New York Times podcast Together Apart, an exciting new approach to how we gather that will transform the ways we spend our time together—at home, at work, in our communities,…

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Why do women feel like we need to invite everyone to every party, throw weddings that are closer to our parents’ style than our own, and show up to networking nights that we know we won’t get anything out of?

I know this book is meant to be about hosting gatherings, but I’ve applied the principles to nearly everything I do in work and hobbies to add more intention, impact, and fulfillment. I’ve changed the way I sit at restaurants to encourage deeper conversations with friends. I’ve started to purposefully not invite certain people to certain parties since I know…

This book is an exercise in how to lead a more meaningful life in the way you gather. It has totally changed the way I host people in my home and how I contribute to a get together anywhere.

Just asking guests to perform a task is an attempt to get them in the mood to socialize on a deeper level. It reinforces my ceremonial talking stick ceremony that I perform when I travel with a group by asking them to bring something from home that represents what they are manifesting in life. It’s a powerful tool.

Priya outlines…

From Erin's list on inspiring authentic transformation.

This book is chock full of good ideas and thoughts on how to gather effectively. It is very easy to read. Lots of great stories to help bring the content to life and engage the reader. She goes beyond just meetings at work, discussing a broader set of informal and formal gatherings in a variety of settings.

From Steven's list on navigating out of meeting hell.

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