By Stuart Brown, Christopher Vaughan,

Book cover of Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul

Book description

From a leading expert, a groundbreaking book on the science of play, and its essential role in fueling our happiness and intelligence throughout our lives

We've all seen the happiness on the face of a child while playing in the school yard. Or the blissful abandon of a golden retriever…

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This is a light read around the most recent research around play. It is so easy to drown in work as adults, but it is critical to make time to play! This book is a reminder of all the benefits we get by being free and playing. It is a fun, interesting read with great anecdotal stories.

This book explains the importance of play: how it helps humans to learn different skills. It is as vital to our growth as sleep and nutrition. The role of play functions the same way in the dog. Play helps to keep a dog mentally and physically stimulated. They learn various motor skills like jumping, rolling, stalking, etc. Both species continue to play well into their adulthood. Play allows its participants to try on different roles and fosters creativity.

When was the last time you played?!

When I see clients with their dogs, one of the first questions I ask them…

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