Mindful Work

By David Gelles,

Book cover of Mindful Work: How Meditation Is Changing Business from the Inside Out

Book description

A mindful revolution is reshaping the workplace.

The world's most dynamic businesspeople are using mindfulness to become happier and more fulfilled at work - and more successful. In Mindful Work, New York Times business reporter David Gelles explains how mindful managers are using meditation, yoga and other mindfulness techniques to…

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Gelles’s well-researched exploration of the impact of mindfulness stands out on the strength of its real world case studies and data. The book makes a strong case for mindfulness in business, citing how some of the world’s biggest companies have embraced mindfulness and providing the data and documentation to back up its engaging anecdotes. Gelles shows that mindfulness has real benefits to individuals and to the companies they serve, including the bottom line. The book goes on to debunk common misconceptions on mindfulness and its role in the workplace, again supporting its arguments with hard data and documentation.

From Eric's list on mindful leaders.

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