Love + Work

By Marcus Buckingham,

Book cover of Love + Work: How to Find What You Love, Love What You Do, and Do It for the Rest of Your Life

Book description

A Wall Street Journal bestseller

World-renowned researcher and New York Times bestselling author Marcus Buckingham helps us discover where we're at our best-both at work and in life.

You've long been told to "Do what you love." Sounds simple, but the real challenge is how to do this in a…

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Stuck at the “proverbial glass ceiling”? Want to become an entrepreneur? These familiar questions we ponder about our career choices are answered in this book, and it starts with what we Love and what we loathe.

I HIGHLY encourage you to take the Standout Assessment first, which will help you identify your top two roles. Leaning into those roles allows you to explore what strengthens you and what depletes you, and while we’ll never love every aspect of work each day, this book provides the guidance you need to affirm that you’re on the right track.

This book is crucial for business leaders who want to build teams that are highly engaged and productive. Buckingham’s thesis is that you get excellence only from people who are doing what they love. Whether you’re trying to get the best out of yourself or others, this book provides very useful guidance. I find the book audacious in its use of the word “love.” Business books may talk about passion or focus or “flow,” but it is rare that authors talk about love, and yet that is the essence of doing great work.

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